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Digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising is a steadily growing industry, replacing the tried-and-true, legacy OOH media. Attention-grabbing digital billboards are the new game in town, not to mention a more effective means of creating lasting impressions for people on the go.

Imagine passing a faded, peeling billboard on your daily commute. Whatever product it was advertising has long since become indecipherable. Now, imagine passing that same space filled with vivid imagery shining through in high-resolution LED. Which is more likely to grab your attention in a positive way?

LED screens are invaluable methods of delivering advertisements, messaging, and entertainment to travelers in public spaces, and media companies are taking full advantage of the latest in digital display technology to spark the imagination, drive curiosity, and, most importantly, get people engaged.

Investing in cutting-edge video display technology now gives you a customizable, changeable content platform for years to come.


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Digital Out-of-Home Advertising is The New Best Thing

What is out-of-home (OOH) advertising? The answer is all around you. Printed billboards, posters, banners, backlit displays, and various other advertising elements found in every city are all types of OOH. This advertising method has a strong legacy, and it’s still used worldwide.

Types of Out-of-Home Advertising

When you think of out-of-house advertising, there are many examples to consider.

Traditional OOH ads include all ads found everywhere outside of our homes. Categorizing all of them is hard, but here are the most frequently used OOH ad types:

1. Printed Ads

The most common out-of-home advertising includes printed materials like leaflets shared directly to random people on the street, billboards, on-wall prints, posters, bulletins, etc.

All ads that find potential clients out of their homes are part of an out-of-home marketing strategy. This type of advertising reaches potential customers while they’re on the go. Traditionally, consumers spend more of their waking hours outside their home at work or play than they do around the house.

Because they're rarely at home, potential customers are seldom exposed to standard media advertising, even less so if they aren’t consumers of print media like newspapers.

Advertisers are always searching for innovative ways to reach this busy, mobile audience. Using the OOH advertising method, businesses tend to gain a higher level of brand awareness that will last longer while cutting through the competition that usually advertises using traditional media outlets.

Furthermore, printed OOH advertising is often used to cast a wider net to attract as many potential customers as possible. This is possible because, for example, a mechanical billboard display could be loaded with several ads that rotate frequently. It works well on any scale.

On the flip side, specific market segments can be directly targeted. For example, placing a billboard advertising athletic shoes near local basketball courts would engage a more specific niche audience such as young athletes.

2. Mobile OOH Advertisement

Companies focus on advertising their brands on mobile objects like bicycles, cars, buses, or mobile billboards on trucks. Aerial mobile ads including advertisements on zeppelins, balloons, and airplane skywriting are other examples.

It enhances the outreach significantly. Moreover, the mobile marketing method keeps people engaged and interested in the ad that they saw.

3. Street Sampling Ads

You’ve probably come across a sampling team that promotes new food or drink products or even perfumes, cosmetics, etc. The guerrilla-style street sampling marketing on bustling venues or town squares makes a significant impact on the overall marketing outreach of certain companies.

4. Digital OOH Marketing

New technologies have introduced a new way of advertising. Digital out-of-home marketing has inherited all the benefits from non-digital OOH and given it a significant boost. With the rise of computer technologies, smartphones, tablets, LED screens, etc., OOH had to adapt to these changes as well. 

Think of the difference between a static printed billboard and a digital screen—there's only so much space on a printed billboard to get your message across. A digital display can create a more detailed and striking message by adding movement and dynamism. Written words become more eye-catching with the ability to move or scroll across an LED screen, and the image portion of the advertisement is vividly rendered, with more space to create, imagine, and display ideas, all thanks to constantly evolving technology.

The most famous and memorable example of Digital OOH marketing is easily the SNA Displays LED Display in Times Square. In this case, the ability to use digital display marketing also allows for LED screens to rotate through advertisements for different brands or companies. In other words, digital OOH is the most versatile and imaginative OOH marketing strategy.

Benefits of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Among its many advantages over in-home marketing efforts, the following are the most significant benefits of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising:

1. DOOH Advertising Can Reach a Massive Audience

With the fragmentation of online audiences and the decline in viewers and readers of traditional media, reaching out to a lot of people has become somewhat complicated. DOOH is among the few channels that can reach out to a broader audience. Consumers that spend more time outside of their homes are more likely to notice out-of-home media.

2. Programmable Technology Makes DOOH Marketing a Very Powerful Tool

One of the primary benefits of online advertising is the ease-of-use and the secure targeting method it provides. The programmable technology makes DOOH marketing an incredibly effective tool. The software it uses, along with real-time data, allows you to set automated sales, and they will target, track, serve, and measure as effectively as online ads, although not as intrusively.

3. DOOH Advertising Can Become a Positive Part of Every Community and Landscape

Digital out-of-home advertising displays can provide significant social benefits. Advertising kiosks can help tourists and commuters by showing transport updates, latest news, and city maps.

Moreover, they can offer benefits like free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Additionally, environment-friendly companies tend to advertise their engagement on billboards with an LED display that can merge beautifully with the background, showcasing the importance of nature to the community.

Trends In Out-of-Home Advertising

The popularity of out-of-home advertising is still on the rise, thanks to creative new uses and digital integration. Out-of-home marketing saw significant growth in 2019, which caused more brands to realize its benefits and take advantage of the situation.

It’s important to know that out-of-home marketing is the only successful strategy that stands toe-to-toe with digital marketing. At the same time, all other advertising efforts seem to be facing a downfall.

These are some of the most popular current trends in OOH ads:

1. The Increase of In-Sourced Advertising

The last several years have seen a tremendous shift within the marketing landscape. Many brands are turning away from working with a single reputable agency. Instead, they have started to migrate their media and marketing plans to in-house departments.

The reasons behind these drastic changes occurring in the marketing landscape in recent years are cost-savings and increased efficiency. Brands can work with experts depending on their current needs while narrowing their focus on subject matter expertise rather than on broad advertising knowledge.

2. Artificial Intelligence is Here

The increasingly vital element that goes through all marketing channels is the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI). It enables business owners to make smarter decisions thanks to predictive analytics, and machine-learning algorithms can predict numerous things like peoples’ purchasing habits or traffic patterns.

AI helps make a company's marketing efforts unique and memorable, thanks to its ability to connect with consumers. Since out-of-home advertising is developing a more data-based strategic approach to marketing, AI is capable of seamlessly integrating into this contemporary marketing strategy.

Since digital out-of-home advertising is becoming increasingly popular, make sure to implement it within your marketing efforts. When you feel ready to explore and launch your first digital OOH ads campaign, contact SNA Displays.

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