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5 mm - 10 mm

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Grandscape’s Grand Opening to Feature Cutting-Edge Digital Displays

Grandscape, a destination shopping center in North Dallas that features retail, dining, living, and entertainment space, is set to open with a bang. From a visual perspective, the star of the grand opening is the property’s custom-designed and -engineered Stylon™ LED display designed by the Barnycz Group.

The double-ellipsoid shape, and the fact that the Stylon is built into a reflecting pond, makes this direct-view LED one of SNA Displays’ most ambitious and unique projects. Simply put, no-one else is putting water near these displays. With a pixel pitch of 6.67 mm (which is very tight for a display this large), the two-sided Stylon covers 3,183 square feet. It is 43'4" tall and 36'9" wide with a resolution of 1,980 pixels by 1,680 pixels, giving it a total of 6.7 million pixels.

The property also features a wraparound marquee display above the Galaxy Theater and two rooftop displays that overlook the reflecting pond and the main lawn. The nearly 6-foot-tall marquee uses a 5 mm pixel pitch and its two perpendicular sections are 7'1" and 96' long, at a resolution of 360 pixels high by 432 and 5,856 pixels wide, respectively. The rooftop displays employ a 10 mm pixel pitch. One is 11'10" by 75'7" (360 x 2,304) and the other is 12'7" by 63' (384 x 1,920).

All of the screens are from SNA Displays’ EMPIRE™ line of exterior LED display products. They have a combined 5,478 square feet of digital display canvas and 10.5 million pixels. Design Communications, Ltd. provided architectural fabrication and installation.

The Nebraska Furniture Mart built Grandscape on the same parcel of land as its Dallas store. Future phases of this development project will connect Grandscape to its newest and largest location, which is about the size of 9 football fields.


About the Barnycz Group

The Barnycz Group is an experiential design firm specializing in creating unforgettable dynamic environments. From concept to content, the Barnycz Group was the Experiential Designer for the entire project, designing multiple iconic outdoor features at Grandscape, including a 35-foot-tall light sculpture, a 55-foot-wide outdoor stage, and multiple video artworks that play throughout the venue. For more information, visit

About Design Communications, Ltd

Design Communications, Ltd (DCL) is a team of fabricators, engineers, technologists, project managers who work with architects and designers to build memorable experiences. To learn more, visit



Project Location

Grandscape Blvd, The Colony, TX

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