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Some might picture dinosaur bones and oil paintings when they think of museums or art galleries. In the 21st Century, however, integrating the modern with the classic opens new avenues to inform and engage visitors. Likewise, the digital canvas can be just as artistic and inspirational as more traditional versions.

Direct-view LEDs provide an exciting, awe-inspiring medium for a growing number of digital artists and allow art curators to set the right mood more efficiently. Likewise, museum-quality displays create a learning environment that thrills as it educates through high-end content, live shows, and more.


Salesforce: 50 Fremont

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

San Francisco, CA

75 MLK

Atlanta, GA

Wonders of Wildlife

Springfield, MO

LED Head Sculpture

Columbus, OH

350 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA

Emerson Colonial Theatre

Boston, MA

Playhouse Square

Cleveland, OH

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