While we may be well known for industry-defining mega-spectaculars, we’ve really have made our mark in one-off digital display manufacturing. With hundreds of talented engineers and the capacity to handle intricate designs, custom engineering has long been our specialty.

Whether developing new products for tight-radius designs, tight corners, mounting anomalies, or odd-shaped and immersive displays, we’ve shown designers, architects, and consultants that our engineering teams excel in the most complex and innovative project environments.



    This “As We Are” digital art piece represents one of the most custom LED display projects in the industry. We custom-engineered small panels and cabinetry to meet the rigid demands of this art installation. At a tight 5-millimeter pixel pitch, fabricating a small, custom panel that would seamlessly integrate was no small task. This award-winning LED sculpture has been the buzz of the design and digital signage industries since its public unveiling at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

    “We focused on delivering a product that would integrate well with the sculpture and reliably impress under the scrutiny that an art piece receives,” said Matthew Shubeck, Project Manager.



    As part of this project in the Battery Park City neighborhood of Manhattan, Sansi built four video screens to be retrofitted onto huge columns in the site’s pavilion entrance. Sansi worked with the Building’s engineers and contractors to design and fabricate custom support frames that worked within the existing conditions.

    Additionally, Sansi designed a power distribution system with remote power supplies, allowing for an ultra-thin profile such that the displays could be mounted flush onto the columns.



    This digital “portal” to MAC’s retail space in Times Square features custom-engineered panels, including triangles and trapezoids, to achieve the 116-degree compound angles as specified by the client. The display also includes cabinet doors mounted with air spring hinges for easy accessibility to electronic components.



    Sansi often designs custom cabinets so that the final display product wraps around a corner at a certain angle, seamlessly fits within a tight space, or meets the perfect height or length of a customer-specified area. One example, pictured, is a custom cabinet design for the Salesforce lobby wall at 350 Mission Street in San Francisco. For this location, the custom design allowed the display to wrap around the lobby corner at a sharp angle with a very tight seam so that content flows through the space smoothly.

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