EJI Plaza

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1.4 Million

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Pixel Pitch

10 mm

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EJI Plaza LED Billboard

SNA Displays manufactured a double-sided billboard display for the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI)’s Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. The dual-faced 15'9" x 48'4" display uses 10 mm pixel pitch product from SNA Displays’ EMPIRE™ Exterior line of LED video technology and has a resolution of 480 pixels high by 1,472 pixels wide.

SNA Displays worked with general contractor Baily Harris Construction. Knoxville-based sign company Branded Image Group provided installation services.

The outdoor LED billboard is located at EJI Plaza on E Jefferson St and features carefully curated content that promotes The Legacy Museum’s mission.

Billboard Displays

Eye-catching digital billboards are increasingly replacing static signage as a more effective means of creating lasting impressions for people on the go.

LED video displays are a valuable means of delivering digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertisements, messaging, and entertainment to travelers in public spaces, and media companies are taking full advantage of the latest in digital display technology to spark the imagination, drive curiosity, and increase engagement.

Investing in cutting-edge video display technology now gives property owners and media companies a customizable, changeable content platform for years to come.


Project Location

39 E Jefferson Street, Montgomery, AL