Lansdowne & Ipswich: Fenway Park

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12 mm

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340 x 1,170

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SNA's LED video display at the corner of Lansdowne Street and Ipswich Street is a recent addition to the historic area around the Boston Red Sox' Fenway Park.

Lansdowne, which is routinely pelted with home-runs that clear the famous Green Monster, dead-ends into the new display.

The billboard-like display sits atop the Red Sox-owned Ipswich Parking Garage, just beyond the right-center-field stands of the famous ballpark.

High-Resolution LED

Only about 15 feet above ground level, the LED video display employs a 12 mm pixel pitch. At 340 pixels high by 1170 pixels wide, the screen is capable of sharp imagery and video.

Additionally, the display is built surface-mount device (SMD) technology, where the LEDs in each pixel are packaged together, allowing for improved clarity and a wider viewer experience.

The LED screen is 13'5" high by 46'1" wide.

Fenway Green

The sign structure, including LED module enclosures and sub-framing, was custom-painted in the patented "Fenway green."


Orange Barrel Media (Columbus, OH), who hired SNA to manufacture and supply the LED technology, manages the advertising for the new sign. The display has been utilized by both national brands and local businesses.


Project Location

Ipswich Street & Lansdowne St,
Boston MA

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