1515 Broadway

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4.1 Million

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Pixel Pitch

10 mm

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SNA installed four large LED video displays at 1515 Broadway, which sits in the heart of Times Square's bow tie. CBS Outdoor currently manages the advertising schedule for the video display system. Advertisers who have utilized the premier space include Lexus, Viacom, Aeropostale, Discovery Channel, Lifebeat, Nivea, SK Energy Shots, and many more.

In total, the digital sign system consists of more than four million pixels and over 4,400 square feet of LED signage.


The large outdoor video screens employ a very tight pixel pitch - 10 mm - with each pixel packaged with surface-mount device (SMD) technology. This allows for an extremely wide viewing experience.


The displays, which project to all areas of Times Square, allow for extremely long viewing distances along Broadway and 7th Avenue. Well known as the location of the MTV studios, the two main LED screens are at the intersections of 44th / Broadway and 45th / Broadway.

At each intersection, there is one main display used for advertising and one return screen used to display information for the Minskoff Theatre, which currently advertises The Lion King production. The main screens are 48' high by 38'6" wide, and each return is 48' high by 7'10" wide.


The displays were designed to have a custom corner with one of the smallest seams in Times Square. The custom return modules were designed and manufactured by SNA to minimize any seam that might occur at the tight radius required by the customer.


Project Location

1515 Broadway, New York, NY

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