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300 X 1,300

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Cinegrill Upgrades to Digital Billboard from SNA Displays

Visitors exploring the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame have another landmark to look out for: Cinegrill’s new EMPIRE™ exterior LED billboard from SNA Displays. The new digital display sits atop the first-floor roof of the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard, across the street from the legendary Dolby and Grauman’s Chinese Theatres.

The updated display technology is integrated into the unique architecture of the original static sign, merging state-of-the-art, high-definition LED with the classic, retro neon lights of a piece of Hollywood history.

SNA Displays manufactured the 8' high by 34' wide direct-view LED for IPS Media, an outdoor advertising company that specializes in super graphics and event spectaculars. The out-of-home (OOH) billboard uses an 8.0 mm pixel pitch (the distance between the center of each pixel) with a resolution of 300 pixels high by 1,300 pixels wide, giving it a total of 390,000 pixels and 269 square feet of digital canvas.

Video Processing

The display’s LED processor is a powerful processing tool built to accommodate the next generation of video content. It can handle the most intricate, high-end, and high-resolution content, including 4K, and has been fully qualified by third party testing at Granite River Labs. Since it is a proprietary, in-house-designed and -engineered processing unit, SNA Displays is able to fully understand, control, and output pixel-perfect imagery from the input of the processor to the stunning output on the display. The processor also comes with a feature-rich, fully accessible API for end users to integrate seamlessly into their workflow and control applications.


Project Location

7000 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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