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8-20 mm

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TSX Broadway, a 46-story mixed-use development at 1568 Broadway in New York’s Times Square, is perhaps most recognized by a massive LED mega-spectacular display system that wraps around the high-rise and has a built-in stage for live performances.

The entire display system at TSX Broadway is a multi-screen integration spanning from the huge wrap-around display just above 7th Avenue all the way to TSX Broadway’s rooftop. The system includes multiple display assets from SNA Displays’ EMPIRE™ Exterior line of outdoor LED display technology: the main screen, a stage marquee, the stage doors themselves, a large-format display midway up the building façade, and a first-of-its-kind LED “crown” that extends above the roof of the building.

TSX Broadway Display Summary
Display Location Pixel Pitch Size Resolution
The Main Screen 8 mm 91'4" x 195'3" 3,480 x 7,440
TSX Stage Marquee 8 mm 4'9" x 42' 180 x 1,600
Palace Theater Marquee 10 mm 8'8" x 89'3" 264 x 2,720
Midlevel Display 20 mm 68'6" x 44'1" 1,044 x 672
LED Crown 20 mm 14'11" x 132'3" 228 x 2,016

The Main Screen

The 18,000-square-foot LED mega-spectacular wraps around the skyscraper at the southeast corner of 7th Avenue and 47th Street. At nine stories tall, the huge display employs an 8 mm pixel pitch at a resolution of 3,480 x 7,440 pixels. With 25.9 million pixels, TSX Broadway’s main screen is the new highest-resolution screen in the history of Times Square.

The main screen’s most prominent feature is a trend-setting 4,000-square-foot stage equipped with giant LED doors that open and close for live shows in Times Square. The TSX Stage is cantilevered and suspended 30 feet over 7th Avenue. The LED doors weigh 86,000 pounds and swing open on hydraulic hinges in approximately 15 seconds. This setup allows entertainers to perform from “within” the video wall. The stage is in front of the Hilton Tempo Hotel Times Square.

In early 2023 TSX Broadway’s main screen was used to host the first-ever live Times Square watch party for the National Football League’s Big Game. In July, Post Malone shocked visitors in the square with a pop-up concert. TSX Entertainment organizes all live events and other productions at the venue.

TSX Stage Marquee

Part way up TSX Broadway’s building façade is a south-facing, 42-foot-long LED marquee. This three-sided permanent fixture serves as the front edge of the TSX Stage and employs an 8 mm pixel pitch. At approximately 4'9" x 42' (180 x 1,600 pixels), the screen processes 288,000 pixels.

Palace Theater Marquee

The three-sided marquee display above the 47th Street entrance to the Palace Theater employs a 10 mm pixel pitch. At approximately 9' x 90' (264 x 2,720 pixels), the LED marquee processes more than 718,000 pixels.

Midlevel Display

The Midlevel Display is a south-facing large-format LED display mounted partway up the building. Measuring 68'6" tall by 44' wide, the 3,000 square foot LED screen uses a 20 mm pixel pitch at a resolution of 1,044 x 672 pixels.

LED Crown

The nearly 2,000-square-foot LED Crown Display faces downtown, uptown, and toward Manhattan's west side and New Jersey. The cutting-edge, first-of-its-kind LED rooftop display has a 20 mm pixel pitch and overall dimensions of approximately 15 feet by 132 feet (228 x 2,016 pixels). The three-sided digital display is one of, if not THE, highest LED screens in New York.

In total, TSX Broadway’s LED display system built by SNA Displays includes more than 23,600 square feet of LED canvas and 27.8 million pixels.

Sensory Interactive directed the procurement process and provided design development and project management services for the building’s comprehensive promotional platform. In addition to the building’s digital displays and outdoor performance stage with sophisticated streaming capabilities, this platform includes an integrated system of façade lighting that creates a dramatic, 46-story canvas for the world’s biggest brands.

The custom LED doors were fabricated by Show Canada Industries.

To learn more about the TSX Broadway development, visit tsxbroadway.com.



Project Location

Times Square
1568 Broadway, New York, NY

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