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How often have you walked into an office lobby only to be greeted by bland art, in-your-face corporate logos, or a stack of last year’s People magazines? Doesn’t really inspire confidence that what awaits you beyond the lobby will be any more exciting, does it?

More and more, video walls are engaging visitors with adaptable, dynamic content. Think of a digital waterfall so realistic that some complain about water waste but then are stunned when they realize they’ve been had.

With optimized content, LED video walls from SNA Displays’ BOLD™ and BRILLIANT™ interior product lines impress visitors and inspire employees. Coupled with high-end content, they create eye-catching centerpieces that delight and amaze.

Video walls allow businesses a medium to do more than just greet guests. Rather, digital display technology provides a way to offer them a digital experience they are sure to remember.

Download our eBrief The Digital Canvas to learn more ways to create exciting and engaging experiences in lobbies, conference rooms, and other gathering areas.

High-end video walls are not just ideal for public-facing lobby spaces or areas used for meetings and presentations. If you have a team of experts who regularly and collaboratively view and analyze important data, news, or other video, you'll appreciate the benefits of presenting that information on a large-format, high-definition digital display that reaches everyone in the room. Visit our Command & Control Center page to learn more.


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Modernize and Digitize Lobby with Digital Displays

If you’re looking to upgrade your company’s lobby to make it trendier and more alluring, you’ll need to swap traditional custom lobby signs for more modern digital lobby signage.

Changing branding can be costly, and it requires a lot of time, but keeping your company’s entrance modern and unique could give your company a much-needed edge over the competition. Interactive lobby displays will make your branding more eye-catching and sleek while saving you both money and time.

Rethink Your Lobby Décor and Consider Digital Lobby Signage

Cutting-edge companies tend to use cutting-edge techniques to attract their clients and customers. Performing lobby upgrades that will make your company’s entrance look more attractive and engaging is what every business owner wants to achieve. Lobby display monitors are an excellent way to achieve a contemporary look because installing them will improve the experience of both staff and visitors.

It’s crucial to identify the things that you want to accomplish with signage for your lobby.

To make the entrance a more calming space, apply soothing content like waterfalls or other nature videos. Additionally, you can provide the customers waiting in the lobby with all the necessary information about your company and business, and a lobby monitor is the perfect medium for it.

You can share crucial information with your visitors, such as the services your firm offers, the price list, events calendar, staff introduction videos, etc. It will give your clients a new way to learn more about your business.

Digital lobby signage is adaptable, interactive, and dynamic. A single lobby screen can present various content to visitors, from news feeds and web pages to directories. The possibilities for informative content is limitless.

Some of the most commonly used channels for employees to communicate between themselves are internal messaging, the company’s intranet, static posters, social media, and emails. The vast majority of companies don’t use digital signage, also known as ‘business TV’ to connect with their employees.

It’s worth noting that public digital media can reach more prospective customers than videos on social media or the internet. Make sure to use all the modern tools available to make your company more desirable for potential employees, not to mention the existing ones.

Benefits of Using Lobby Displays

Many businesses have opted to digitize their company’s entrances by installing lobby digital signage. It helps them activate a new advertising segment for their overall marketing campaign. However, advertisement is not the only reason to incorporate a lobby display since modernizing the company entrance also gives the entire brand a fresh, contemporary look.

Numerous types of businesses can benefit from having a digital lobby. Schools, offices, gyms, medical facilities, airports, commercial real estate firms, hotels, banks, and many more industries have already embraced the benefits of lobby displays. They allow visitors as well as potential and existing clients to get plenty of information quickly and efficiently.

These are some of the primary benefits your company can have from installing lobby display signage:

1. Help Visitors Find Their Way and Protect Them in Case of Emergency

Public institutions like schools, hospitals, and various businesses usually use lobby displays to inform their clients and engage them in reading the provided content. However, advertising your company and products is not the only benefit lobby tv brings. In some cases, modernizing your entrance can help visitors find their way around the building.

You can put crucial information about the whereabouts of essential offices on the screen. Moreover, you can help people understand how to navigate through the wings of the building. That way, you’ll enable visitors to find what they’re looking for within the building without getting lost and without losing time. More importantly, in case of any emergency, like fire in the building, dynamic wayfinding can give visitors detailed instructions about how to act in such a scenario and where they can find the nearest exit.

2. A Variety of Options to Choose From

In the case of public buildings that provide entertainment, a lobby display is an aesthetically pleasing and helpful way to outline information for patrons and guests, alerting them to the possibilities of entertainment available. For example, in an arena like a stadium or concert hall, a digital lobby signage is the perfect way to cycle through the list of upcoming shows, events, and games in a way that engages and attracts an audience. A display in the home-stadium of a local team, like the Raymond James Stadium in Florida, may honor the team by showcasing their colors. The Raymond James Stadium lobby uses SNA Displays’ BOLD™ Interior LED screens, perfect for interior displays that will be viewed at a distance.

At an art gallery or museum, a lobby display may portray titles and important information about exhibits, featured artists, or special events. Displaying images linked to those events or providing insight into what an exhibit will include is an excellent way to spark interest and encourage patrons to explore what the space has to offer. Digital displays may even be the key factor needed to execute an art installation: photographs and video can be imaginatively and powerfully shared using lobby displays, inspiring viewers to spend time poring over the images.

Lobby displays can also provide key information for potential clients and customers when featured in a business’ headquarters. Why not use the highest level of technology available to showcase your portfolio of work to prospective clients? An example of a high-end lobby video wall is the Gensler office in Austin, TX.

3. Entertaining Visitors as They Wait in the Lobby

When was the last time you waited in a dental office lobby without looking at your phone? People don’t like waiting in lines, and when they do, they tend to find ways to entertain themselves by reading posters hanging on lobby walls or looking at their tablets and phones.

Marketing experts realized that digital signage could have an incredible impact on prospective clients while they wait for a meeting to begin.

By displaying entertaining content to visitors, you’ll undoubtedly catch their attention and allow them to endure the wait and learn more about the products or services your business offers.

You may also provide your clients with other relevant information that may be useful, e.g., dental hygiene advice in a dentist’s office lobby or even some city tour tips in a hotel lobby.

4. Digital Signage Makes Traveling Fun and Easy

One of the best examples of digital lobby signage are airports around the world. Without the monitors, travelers would find it rather challenging to reach the right gate and gather crucial information about their flight. A long time ago, gathering such information at airports, train stations, and bus stops was usually done at the information desk. Today it’s a much more straightforward process.

Nowadays, travelers can easily access all the information they need at interactive lobby displays located all around the airport. Some airports have dedicated some lobby displays for entertaining travelers during their long layovers by playing movies, popular TV show reruns, or even live TV channels.

Modernizing your company’s entrance is a must, and you should strive to do it with style. If you have any questions regarding digital lobby signage for your company’s entrance, contact the LED screen professionals at SNA Displays today.

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