The Gateway to Times Square

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4.5 Million

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8 mm

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The Gateway to Times Square LED Spectacular

SNA Displays manufactured and supplied a pair of stacked LED displays for out-of-home (OOH) media company BIG OUTDOOR. The digital platform is located at 1627 Broadway, at the north end of the Times Square bow tie. Dubbed “The Gateway to Times Square,” the LED duo sits atop the Duane Reade building at the corner of 50th and Broadway. It faces north, providing long read times to traffic entering the Crossroads of the World.

Both outdoor video screens employ SNA Displays’ 8 mm EMPIRE™ Exterior LED display technology. The larger of the two LED spectaculars is the bottom display, measuring 25'2" high x 75'7" wide (960 x 2,880 pixels). The top display is 20'6" x 59'10" (780 x 2,280 pixels). Combined, the digital signage processes 4.5 million pixels across more than 3,100 square feet of digital canvas.

For more information, visit SNA Displays’ Gateway to Times Square news release.

LED Spectaculars

Large-format LED displays are commonly known as "spectaculars." These digital displays take on many forms, varying in size and capability. LED spectaculars require the right capacity and experience to successfully manage the most complex and high-profile projects in the digital display industry. After having manufactured some of the industry’s largest and highest-resolution LED displays, SNA Displays knows how to get the job done on a massive scale.

Spectacular LED displays are predominant in entertainment venues and areas with high levels of pedestrian traffic like Midtown Manhattan, the Las Vegas strip, and downtown Los Angeles.

Out-of-Home Media

Digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising on cutting-edge LED screens is an invaluable way to deliver advertisements, messaging, and entertainment to travelers in public spaces, and media companies are taking full advantage of the latest in digital display technology to spark the imagination, drive curiosity, and, most importantly, get people engaged.

Investing in cutting-edge video display technology now gives you a customizable, changeable content platform for years to come.


Project Location

1627 Broadway, New York, NY

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