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Broad & High

SNA Displays manufactured and installed two curved EMPIRE™ exterior LED displays at the corner of Broad and High streets in downtown Columbus, Ohio, across the road from the Ohio Statehouse. The digital billboards run content from Orange Barrel Media.

Both out-of-home (OOH) digital displays use a 16 mm pixel pitch, one at a resolution of 255 pixels high by 900 pixels wide and the other at a resolution of 90 pixels by 740. Their physical dimensions are 13'5" by 47'3" and 4'8" by 38'10," respectively, giving them a total of 815 square feet of digital display canvas and 296,100 pixels.

The steel work for the main LED display was installed along the brick trim of the four-story building so that about four-fifths of the display rises above the building’s flat roof. The fascia display is between the corner windows of the third and fourth floors. Both displays are convex so that they integrate seamlessly with the building’s rounded architecture.

About Orange Barrel Media

Orange Barrel Media, founded in 2004, is a leader in unique outdoor media that adds to the character of urban places. They offer services such as permitting, constructing, and managing large-format digital and static displays.



Project Location

20 N High Street, Columbus, OH

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