10 Times Square

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1.7 Million

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10 mm

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Historic Building, Meet Modern Display

The 90-year-old building located at 1441 Broadway in New York City, now designated as 10 Times Square, has been upgraded with five new LED displays. Hovering just 10 feet above the sidewalk, the displays are situated directly above one of New York's busiest subway stations, placing them in an ideal location for utilization by advertisers.

Another Historic Site Upgraded with Cutting-Edge Displays: Express Times Square

Positioned as Times Square’s new LED ‘bookend’ to the south of the bow tie, the project site is the new home to Champs Sports, a division of Foot Locker, as well as other building tenants such as Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Claiborne.

Owner/developer consultant Sensory Interactive oversaw design, technology selection, bidding, and project management for the display. Following a comprehensive evaluation process, Sensory Interactive selected SNA Displays for the project based on the company's ability to adapt to the demanding project requirements and deliver displays with the remarkable resolution and build quality demanded by the this world-class office environment.

Angles Among Us

Given the historic tower’s architecture and how its corner juts into the intersection of 7th Ave and 41st, SNA Displays engineered custom corner pieces to allow the displays to meet at a 106-degree angle.

The exterior video displays feature a 10 mm pixel pitch. The main screen, which wraps around the eastern corner of the building, is comprised of four smaller displays, totaling 68 feet wide and 24 feet tall. Two of the four displays meet at the corner while the other two displays serve as return features to the building, giving the main screen a three-dimensional aspect.

Additionally, a three-foot-high ribbon display stretches 77 feet along the side of the building facing 41st Street.

At nearly 2,000 square feet, the entire display system contains more than 1.7 million pixels.

See the press release for this installation.

SMD Packaging Technology

The outdoor LED video display employs surface-mount device (SMD) pixel technology, where the LEDs in each pixel are packaged together, allowing for crisp, clear imagery and a widened viewing experience. SNA Displays continues to provide an industry-leading array of interior and exterior products offered with SMD packaging technology.

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Project Location

1441 Broadway, New York, NY

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