Moxy & AC Hotel DTLA

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21.7 Million

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8 mm

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1,890 x 11,480

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Moxy and AC Hotel Downtown Los Angeles

SNA Displays installed a massive exterior video display at the intersection of S Figueroa St. and W Pico Blvd in the heart of downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). The largest continuous LED video wall on the West Coast is on the façade of the Moxy and AC Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, which is located across from the LA Convention Center, L.A. LIVE, and Arena (formerly Staples Center).

Premier out-of-home media company Branded Cities owns exclusive rights to market and sell premium advertising on the curved video screen, which will be marketed as “The Moxy.”

The new LED mega-spectacular is a 15,000-square-foot video wall built from SNA Displays’ EMPIRE™ Exterior line of LED display technology and boasts a resolution of 1,890 x 11,480 pixels. The roughly 50-foot-tall screen extends along S Figueroa for about the length of a football field before it wraps the corner of a multilevel parking structure at W Pico. This design provides extended viewing and long read times for nearby pedestrian and auto traffic.

SNA Displays also custom-engineered LED cabinets to accommodate a seamless turn of 82.5 degrees. The digital display employs 8 mm pixel pitch technology, tighter than other large-format exterior LED installations in Los Angeles, giving the video screen almost 22 million pixels.

Consumer Experience Group (CEG), a Los Angeles-based consultancy for experiential display projects, managed the large development’s digital and static signage elements on behalf of property owner Lightstone, a New York-based real estate investment firm.

YESCO fabricated and installed more than 225,000 pounds of structural steel for the LED mega-spectacular and provided over 7,200 square feet of static signage for the project.

For more information, visit the Moxy and AC Hotel Downtown Los Angeles news release.



Large-format LED displays are commonly known as "spectaculars." These digital displays take on many forms, varying in size and capability.

But where do you go when “spectacular” just isn’t enough? SNA Displays has the answer: mega-spectacular. The size and scope of these behemoths truly go beyond the traditional spectacular display. LED mega-spectaculars require sufficient capacity and experience to successfully manage the most complex and high-profile projects in the digital display industry. After having manufactured some of the industry’s largest and highest-resolution LED displays, SNA Displays knows a thing or two about getting the job done on a massive scale.

Mega-spectacular LED displays are predominant in entertainment venues and areas with high levels of pedestrian traffic like Midtown Manhattan, the Las Vegas strip, and, more recently, downtown Los Angeles. Typically, mega-spectaculars are 8,000 square feet or larger.


Project Location

1260 S Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA

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