661 8th Avenue

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Total Pixels

7.9 Million

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Pixel Pitch

8 mm

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2,460 X 3,200

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Square feet


SNA Displays Manufactured Mammoth Rooftop LED Display in Times Square

SNA Displays manufactured an LED spectacular for a rooftop digital billboard at 661 8th Avenue. The LED display sits atop the Duane Reade pharmacy on the corner of 8th Avenue and West 42nd Street and directly across the intersection from Eleven Times Square. With an 8.0 mm pixel pitch, the screen is 2,460 pixels high and 3,200 pixels wide (64’7” tall and 84’ wide) for a total of 7,872,000 pixels.

To bring the LED billboard to fruition, SNA Displays and media partner BIG Outdoor worked together with the New York City Department of Buildings to allow the rooftop digital display outside the special-use district.

Furthermore, the existing building was not strong enough to support the weight of the new LED spectacular, which is from SNA Displays’ line of EMPIRE™ exterior LED display products, so steel bracing and reinforcements were installed through the roof and integrated into the original structure.

To drive the display, the Aquilon C processor from Analog Way's LivePremier™ series was chosen.

North Shore Neon performed installation work for the project.

For more information, see the press release for the 661 8th Avenue screen.



Project Location

661 8th Avenue, New York, NY

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