Atlas Butler

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16 mm

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255 X 480

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Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling recently installed a large video display on the side of its new building facing Interstate 71. The LED video display was manufactured and supplied by SNA Displays.

Atlas Butler has roots back to the 1800s to The Ramey Manufacturing Company. In 1997, Atlas Butler received the Small Business of the Year award for Ohio and was invited to the White House for a reception.

The Atlas Butler LED project features a high-resolution 16 mm pitch display. The wall-mounted LED sign is 13’5” tall by 25’3” wide. The total resolution of the LED display is 255 x 480 pixels, which accounts for a total of more than 122,000 pixels.

Open-Ended Software System

SNA Displays uses an open-ended software system and can work with any front-end software package. In this case, the customer preferred to use Scala, one of the largest digital signage software programs globally.


For ease of service with the wall-mounted display, all components are easily accessed from the front of the display with minimal tools.


Project Location

4849 Evanswood Dr, Columbus, OH

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