American Dream

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53.5 Million

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2.5 mm – 12 mm

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Square feet

31, 298

American Dream

SNA Displays is the primary LED display provider for American Dream, the biggest mall in the United States and one of the largest indoor/outdoor retail and entertainment venues in the world.

The Development

Located in East Rutherford, New Jersey, just minutes from Manhattan, American Dream features numerous attractions including more than 80 food and beverage destinations; 450+ stores, services, and amenities; an ice-skating rink; DreamWorks Water Park; Big SNOW America—the first indoor ski slope in the U.S.; SEA LIFE® Aquarium; LEGOLAND® Discovery Center; and a Nickelodeon Universe® theme park.

The massive site is spread out over three million square feet. Gensler was the lead design architect for the property development.

Exterior Digital Display Technology

The largest and most eye-catching LED screen at American Dream is "The Ultimate Display", an LED mega-spectacular display on the exterior of Nickelodeon Universe®. The Ultimate Display has more than 180 degrees of visibility and multiple sightlines from one of the busiest interchanges in North America including the New Jersey Turnpike, Route 3, and Route 120. The Ultimate Display’s tapered design wraps the exterior façade of American Dream’s Nickelodeon Universe® theme park in a half circle that extends 556 feet, or nearly two football fields in length. At 45 feet tall at its tallest edge, it features a 12-millimeter pixel pitch and processes approximately 10.8 million pixels. Counting channel lettering, the display is approximately 18,000 square feet.

More on this LED mega-spectacular: American Dream Unveils "The Ultimate Display."

Also visible to Route 3 and Route 120/MetLife Stadium is a 12-mm corner wrap display that measures 23'7" tall by 165'4" long. The 90-degree corner wrap is near the mall entrance that leads to Big Snow, SEA LIFE Aquarium, and the Lego Land Discovery Center. It has a resolution of 600 x 4,200 pixels and processes more than 2.5 million pixels.

Another unique exterior display is the massive ground-level screen known as "The Grand Staircase" because of the steps that cut through its two sections. The 6.6 mm LED display is approximately 12 feet tall by 107 feet long, or about the size of two and a half highway billboards end to end. It includes 2.7 million pixels.

Other large-format outdoor LED displays at American Dream include a pair of 10 mm, 10' high x 20' wide "Monument" signs at the Avenue entrance and facing Route 3/120 and four 12 mm parking lot LED billboards measuring 13'5" x 47'10" (340 x 1,215 pixels).

All exterior signage at American Dream is made from SNA Displays' EMPIRE™ Exterior LED video display technology.

Interior Digital Display Technology

SNA Displays has supplied more than 31,000 square feet of LED display technology throughout the American Dream campus.

Throughout the inside of the huge retail and entertainment destination, there are 22 dynamic BOLD™ Interior LED displays manufactured by SNA Displays, including the iconic "Slime Tower" at the Nickelodeon Universe® theme park and several more at the indoor water park.

The Slime Tower is a curved LED column that welcomes visitors to the indoor park. Standing 26’7” high, the display features a 4 mm pixel pitch and more than 3.2 million pixels. The water park displays include the 8 mm Surfer Rider display that stands 13'5" tall x 30'5" long and the four-sided "King Julien" display. Ensconced in a pineapple-shaped frame, the King Julien display employs an 8 mm pixel pitch and each of the four screens are 6'6" x 7'8".

With the exception of a trio of 2.5 mm LED displays located at The Avenue, the rest of the indoor digital assets are 4 mm bulkhead displays found in Courts A, C, and D, the theme park court, the ice rink, and the Angry Birds® themed mini-golf course. The Avenue displays range from 7'5" tall and 19'8" wide to 8'10" tall and 34' wide and process a combined 9 million pixels.

Additionally, American Dream is splashed with one hundred 55-inch and 65-inch LCD kiosks used for advertising and wayfinding and 48 wall-mounted LCD displays used for advertisements, also provided by SNA Displays.

All kiosks and LED displays are managed by SNA Displays' Client Service Group (CSG) division, a team of service and technical experts. This includes 24/7 proactive monitoring, content scheduling, network operations control, and warranty services.

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Infuse Digital

Infuse Digital, an integral partner in financing American Dream’s state-of-the-art digital media network, is responsible for the development and deployment of advertising and sponsorship opportunities campus-wide.

Infuse Digital is new concept in commercial real estate enhancement that works with clients to modernize their facilities with state-of-the-art LED and LCD displays at little to no upfront cost. Led by veterans in the digital display and out-of-home advertising industries, Infuse Digital handles design and development, procurement of digital assets, sponsorship and advertising sales, messaging and content management, and all maintenance and service support.

Other Partners

Diversified has run several aspects of the American Dream project, including one of the venue’s most notable LED displays, the flagship LED tower in the Nickelodeon Universe® theme park.

All media sales are managed by BOLDSITE Media. Based in New York City, BOLDSITE Media is a destination media company that creates boundless brand environments in high-traffic public places. BOLDSITE partners with real estate developers, agencies and marketers to custom-design unique media experiences that tell highly immersive and integrated brand stories. BOLDSITE assets are located in some of the most exciting lifestyle, mixed-use, entertainment, sports and retail destinations in the U.S. BOLDSITE Media is part of the BIG Outdoor family of companies.



Project Location

East Rutherford, New Jersey

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