Nationwide Corporate Headquarters

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Across the street from Nationwide’s corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, is a wall-mounted LED screen from SNA Displays.

Used to promote events in Columbus and surrounding areas as well as messages from Nationwide, the LED video display features a tight 12 mm pixel pitch, delivering sharp content to walk-up traffic.

Located at the intersection of E. Nationwide Boulevard and N. High Street, the display sits just outside Sensenbrenner Park and one block from Nationwide Arena.

The screen (560h x 480w pixels) is approximately 22’1” high by 18’11” wide. Ideal for a high amount of pedestrian traffic, its thin profile allows for a clean wall-mounted look.

The project also includes a ticker, which is coupled with a static identification sign and mounted to the bridge extending above N. High Street and connecting Sensenbrenner Park to Nationwide’s building.

The ticker (40h x 760w pixels), which also has a 12mm pixel pitch, is approximately 19” high by 30’ long.


Project Location

1 W. Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH

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