Oxígeno Human Playground

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4.9 Million

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1.67 MM, 8 MM, 12 MM

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SNA Displays Helps Engage Visitors to New State-of-the-Art Mall in Costa Rica

SNA Displays installed a vast network of digital displays for a new, state-of-the-art mall in Costa Rica. The retail and entertainment venue, known as the Oxígeno Human Playground, offers a much different experience than a typical retail environment, "a place where you can enjoy the best nightlife, high end national and international shows and entertainment, the best stores for shopping and enjoying local and international cuisine with your family and friends, practice outdoor sports in areas surrounded by lush nature," according to its website.

For the massive project, SNA Displays manufactured LED displays for the structure's exterior facades as well as fine-pitch interior LED totem displays. SNA Displays also supplied fully interactive touch-screen kiosks throughout the concourse areas.

Oxígeno's infrastructure uses very specific elements of environmental efficiency. The screens are another example of that infrastructure.

For the first-of-its-kind project in the Heredia province of Costa Rica, SNA Displays designed and detailed the collection of displays for its client, Cuestamoras.

"One of the innovations of Oxígeno is the communication to the guest through a digital display system," said Gustavo Segura, leader of strategic hospitality investments for Cuestamoras.

Cuestamoras chose to integrate SNA Displays digital signage into the Oxígeno project with a keen interest in low energy consumption and environmental protection.

"Oxígeno's infrastructure uses very specific elements of environmental efficiency," said Gustavo Segura, leader of strategic hospitality investments for Cuestamoras. "The screens are another example of that infrastructure, and obviously they are screens of low energy consumption that aligns with all the energy performance and all the environmental performance of Oxígeno. That is part of our commitment to the community."

In addition to more than two dozen interactive kiosks, there are seven interior LED video displays throughout the mall.

Around a large area of the mall used for various entertainment programs, SNA Displays installed three concave displays. Each of these screens from the BOLD™ display product line features an 8 mm pixel pitch and measure 6'3" high by 29'5" long. A fourth 8 mm LED screen similar in size was installed in the mall's playground area.

Additionally, there are three totem displays from SNA Displays' BRILLIANT™ line of interior products. Each of these features a 1.67 mm pixel pitch and contains more than one million pixels. The totem displays stand about 11 feet tall and measure three feet wide.

SNA Displays also installed two large-format 12 mm displays from its EMPIRE™ exterior product line. One is 36'3" high by 19'6" wide and the other is 26'0" high by 16'7" wide.

In total, the Oxígeno project contains approximately 2,000 square feet and 5 million pixels of LED video displays.


Project Location

Heredia, Costa Rica

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