Retail Digital Window Displays & In-Store Signs

With the ease and prevalence of online shopping, it is increasingly difficult for retailers to entice customers into brick-and-mortar storefronts. A creative digital display certainly improves curb appeal, potentially captivating a passerby with attention-grabbing branding or information about a great deal, but it can go far beyond that initial engagement. Many shoppers return to storefronts because of the unique customer experience in-person retail can offer.

Increasingly, dynamic video walls, sweeping ticker displays, and other high-end video content help set the tone and ambiance, creating immersive, even transcendent experiences. Beyond that, stores are evolving the retail experience by pairing dynamic digital displays with cutting-edge content management technology. This exciting trend lets customers interact with the store itself through smart fitting rooms, interactive videos, and real-time inventory management. It’s no wonder so many retail hubs include direct-view LEDs in their digital media strategy.

SNA Displays creates custom displays that drive an optimal return on investment, improving the retail experience, creating the kind of atmosphere that keeps customers coming back, and converting passersby into paying customers.

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The Impact Of Digital Window Displays On Business Today

The retail business is more competitive than ever before. It is critical to take advantage of the best tools and technology available to attract, engage, and retain customers.

Resilient businesses adapt, and then new trends emerge. One such adaptive trend includes advertising via digital storefront signs and digital window displays. SNA is a people-focused business both internally and externally. Since people tend to be visual beings, video displays are a highly effective engagement strategy. Digital window displays will help you help your customers get what they need from your business.

Why Should You Install Digital Displays?

Digital window displays are on the rise because they effectively engage passersby. They are becoming more prominent in retail as their prices have fallen, and their usefulness has become evident. You can find a high-quality LCD screen for only hundreds of dollars instead of thousands, which significantly helps companies of all sizes promote their stores.

Now is a great time to adapt to the digital signage revolution since the benefits are vast and the price is affordable, but the market is not yet saturated, which gives you a unique edge.

Retail video display systems create an intersection between the digital and physical world, extending your store’s location to the environment to which your customers are accustomed – a digital one.

Your store will see a massive improvement in customer engagement. These signs allow tactile experience and convenience to any physical store. Customers can interact with digital displays, which will make it easier for them to find the products they want.

Digital window displays add endless possibilities to your business space, such as entertainment, education, communication, and information delivery. Additionally, digital screens will tell consumers more about sales and offer various product information, but they can also entertain them via interactive games and videos.

Grab Passerby’s Attention

“Often, the best way to get a person’s eyes off their phone’s tiny screen is to use a bigger screen.”

The power of store display signage isn’t limited to the customer’s in-store experience. They’re also used for attracting the attention of potential customers, making them get interested and enter the store to explore.

Static signs and displays like product displays, mannequins, etc. will always attract some attention. Traditional static signage, displays, and mannequins are becoming less effective because passersby are more distracted with their smartphones and fitness trackers; honestly, traditional displays just seem to blur together. Often, the best way to get a person’s eyes off their phone’s tiny screen is to show them a bigger screen.

Digital signage has compelling advantages over traditional signs. Its main advantage is motion. It’s the main reason digital signs capture more than 400% more views on average than static signs.

Keep Customer’s Mind at Ease While They’re Waiting in Line

Shoppers and retailers alike struggle to find ways to make long lines enjoyable. Although no one likes to spend their time waiting in line, in-store video displays will help customers perceive the wait time as shorter than it is.

Retailers can keep the customers’ minds occupied. Moreover, they can connect their customers with the products and services they want, and hook them up with insider tips like upcoming sales, offers, etc. Digital displays for retail stores are a powerful tool that helps businesses keep their customers engaged while promoting the store’s products and offers further.

Benefits of Retail Video Displays

It’s well-known that retail has become more competitive, starting with Main Street stores all the way through to dedicated shopping centers. Retailers are continually trying out new methods to engage and surprise customers when they enter the store. The ingenuity and development of LED screens and multi-displays gave retailers a way to apply engagement marketing. This is doing a much better job than targeting consumers via static in-store displays or online marketing.

These are the main benefits of using digital window displays at your store:

1. Interaction with Customers Through a Call-to-Action

The term “call-to-action” (CTA) is familiar to marketing experts worldwide. The action signifies a concrete demand for customers to interact with the mentioned marketing promotion. CTA on the internet asks customers to subscribe to a newsletter or fill out a contact form. However, a call-to-action isn’t limited solely to the online environment since they are suitable for retail video displays. A call-to-action can be used in numerous ways on a display. It should imply urgency and provide pedestrians with a clear benefit from taking immediate action.

2. Always Up-to-Date and Flexible

Printed placards, billboards, and other printed materials are no longer leading the advertising race. Retail signage displays have a significant advantage over their printed counterparts. The most significant advantage is the possibility to update and modify the advertising message immediately. With digital displays, it’s easy to promote an upcoming event since it can be quickly put on the display by adding the necessary information to the presented playlist of content.

It’s challenging to create short-term special offers and promotions quickly because of the entire printing process. On the other hand, digital window displays only require a few clicks and mere seconds to receive the full update.

On top of this, there is no worry of time wasted putting together and staging static displays and media, a major cost-saving measure.

3. More Agility and Cost-Efficiency

The use of conventional in-store advertising methods has become much more ineffective since it often requires a lot of time to print and install the displays throughout the store. Furthermore, running marketing campaigns and promotions is getting very expensive when you consider factors like printing, shipping, and installing promotional materials.

The new age of in-store advertisements may require a heftier initial investment, but it’ll save money in the long-run. Moreover, it’ll increase the sales and revenue since it allows retailers to quickly deploy their marketing campaigns by a mere click of a button.

Ideas for In-Store Digital Displays

Every new initiative might seem daunting. With in-store digital display advertising, it should feel more comfortable since many digital display players come with preloaded, easily customizable content. However, tailoring the content to suit your business is what you’ll eventually need to do.

Here are some ideas on creating an engaging content playlist with an active content rotation for your retail display monitor:

1. Present Your Company’s History

People love to learn new things and feel connected to the brands they support. Aside from providing potential customers with buying options and sales, you could also provide them with engaging trivia-type information regarding your company’s history.

Tell them where the brand idea came from, as well as who was the brand’s founder. Tell them about the obstacles your company had to overcome to succeed. People are known for loving excellent narrative, and sharing yours will help both potential and existing customers connect with your brand’s vibrant history.

2. Promote Your Company’s Social Media on Digital Displays

Sharing interesting and valuable content with prospective and current customers via social media is excellent for your brand. If you’re already posting to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, why not promote your posts on the retail video display? It will help you attract more attention to your content.

Connecting social media accounts to your digital display is easy. Raising awareness about your company's social media presence among people who already like your brand will bring you new leads and a broader audience.

3. Digital Displays Are Excellent for Highlighting Your Brand’s Products

Promoting your products on digital signage will undoubtedly help meet quotas and drive product sales. When products are showcased on bright displays, customers begin to realize the relevance and significance of the product to them.

Many retail stores have achieved staggering increases in additional sales through digital display advertisements for their products.

4. Inform Your Audience About the Upcoming Events

By informing your audience about any upcoming events within your company, you'll make a difference. Sharing such information will undoubtedly increase the event’s attendance.

People that share an interest will be more likely to remember and attend events. Plus, very few people go to events alone.

Promote the event’s date, time, and other details via in-store video displays to let your audience know all the details.

Emotional Reaction to Digital Storefront Signs

All retail video display systems serve several purposes. Standard advertising is one of them. However, another objective is to elicit an emotional response from prospective and existing customers. Feelings tend to drive behavior, especially in a retail setting.

Engaging the audience is the foundation of advertising, and digital signage is an effective and powerful method that significantly helps achieve this goal.

Creating an emotional connection between the consumers and your brand or products is of utmost importance. By doing so, you will turn occasional buyers into loyal customers. Loyal customers become ardent promoters of your brand.

Digital display advertising has the power to grab the attention of everyone who happens to be passing by, and it leaves a powerful message. These things are crucial to consider if you want to impart emotional effects on existing and potential customers.

1. Publicize Your Philanthropy and Environmental Stewardship

Placing stickers throughout your store that showcase your company as an eco-friendly one does send a message to customers, but the outreach is not powerful enough.

Sending the same message via store display signage will have a much more potent outreach because it is more prominent, and these displays don’t blend into the background like a sticker would.

Moreover, providing your audience with video content that explains all the details and actions your company takes to be stewards of the environment (such as going paperless with your displays) will have a considerable impact.

Thus, customers will connect with your brand on a new level. No matter the level of activism, these messages resonate and inspire loyalty. Customers will go out of their way to shop at your store rather than your competition's place.

An extra bonus is that LED displays are extremely energy efficient and contribute to environmental stewardship on their own. You can learn more on this topic at

2. Humanize Your Staff; It Makes a Big Difference

In-store digital screen advertising is not all about promotions and sales. You can use it to create meaningful and deeper relationships with the consumers. Introducing the company’s staff to customers is an excellent way to achieve this goal.

Let people know of your staff's little secrets like where and how they've learned their craft. Becoming more personal deepens the relationship.

Therefore, make sure to inform your audience if your staff has families or if they own any pets. Talking more about their favorite sports teams and hobbies will bring their personalities to life and allow customers to have a deeper bond with your company.

Building relationships between staff and customers is one advantage Amazon absolutely can’t take from brick-and-mortar retail locations.

After realizing how significant digital signage is today, and how great its influence can be on potential and existing customers, you should consider installing digital screens in your store before the competition does. Even if they already beat you to the punch, the sooner you get in the game the better.

If you wish to switch from static displays and signs to digital window displays, you’re on the right track. However, make sure to contact professionals in the field, like SNA Displays, and we’ll take care of all your digital signage wishes and needs.


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