Kurve on Wilshire

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Total Pixels

3.9 Million

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Pixel Pitch

6.67 mm, 8 mm

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Kurve on Wilshire

Kurve on Wilshire Display Asset Summary
Display Pitch Resolution (h x w) Square Feet
Main 8 mm 2,130 x 720 1,056
Blade 1 Side A 6.67 mm 1,728 x 336 278
Blade 1 Side B 6.67 mm 1,728 x 336 278
Blade 2 Side A 6.67 mm 1,728 x 336 278
Blade 2 Side B 6.67 mm 1,728 x 336 278

The luxury apartment complex Kurve On Wilshire added three large-format out-of-home digital signs from SNA Displays' EMPIRE™ Exterior line of LED display products. Located at the junction of Sunset Place and Hoover Street, the property is next to Lafayette Park and a few blocks from MacArthur Park in LA's Koreatown.

The main LED display, which faces south toward Sunset Place, is a 56-foot-tall, 19-foot-wide (2,130 x 720 pixels) LED screen that employs an 8.0 mm pixel pitch. With 1.5 million total pixels, the screen offers over 1,000 square feet of digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising canvas.

The pair of double-sided LED blades along the building's east side feature a 6.67 mm pixel pitch. Each vertically oriented face is approximately 37'10" by 7'4" (1,728 x 336), giving the twin digitals approximately 2.3 million pixels across 1,100 square feet of digital canvas.

YESCO provided sign installation services.


Project Location

2900 Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA

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