Miracle Mile Shops

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24.5 Million

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4 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm

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Miracle Mile Shops Digital Signage Network

SNA Displays installed a vast digital signage network at Miracle Mile Shops, a shopping center at the Planet Hollywood resort in Las Vegas with a circular floor plan about one mile long. It features 170 tenants, including retailers, restaurants, and live entertainment venues.

The highlight of the Miracle Mile digital upgrade is a set of exterior LED spectaculars facing the Las Vegas Strip. The two LED displays at either side of the Planet Hollywood entrance to the shopping center consist of multiple sections, including a curve and a corner-wrap. Combined, they have approximately 19,500 square feet of digital canvas and process more than 18 million pixels.

Miracle Mile Shops Display Summary

North Entrance 10 mm EMPIRE™ Exterior 54'1" x 228'10" * 1,648 x 6,976*
South Entrance 10 mm EMPIRE™ Exterior 75'7" x 130'2" * 2,304 x 3,698*
Harmon Ave Entry (2) 10 mm EMPIRE™ Exterior 37'10" x 5'3" 1,152 x 160
Lost City 1 6 mm BOLD™ Interior 18'11" x 7'1" 960 x 360
Lost City 2 6 mm BOLD™ Interior 14'2" x 12'7" 720 x 640
West Parking Entrance 6 mm BOLD™ Interior 8'10" x 12'7" 450 x 640
Tunnel of Elements 6 mm BOLD™ Interior 8'10" x 12'7" 450 x 640
Rain Show (at Saxe) 6 mm BOLD™ Interior 10'8" x 22' 540 x 1,120
Tunnel of Elements (at Saxe) 6 mm BOLD™ Interior 10'8" x 22' 540 x 1,120
Rain Show (Ocean), 3-Sided 6 mm BOLD™ Interior 10'8" x 14'2" 540 x 720
Hall of Lamps (2) 4 mm BOLD™ Interior 7'8" x 34'8" 585 x 2,640
Interactive Directory Kiosks (11) LCD 55"
Advertising Kiosks (6) LCD 55"

*Displays include multiple sections at varying heights. Size and pixel height listed indicates highest section.

SNA Displays coordinated all aspects of the massive project including the implementation of indoor and outdoor LED video displays of varying sizes and more than a dozen LCD kiosks, all integrated through a single content management system. The scope included custom engineering, intricate planning and logistics, overseeing numerous partners and trades, running 35,000 linear feet of fiber, and fabricating the LED display technology.

Learn more about the destination retail and entertainment center: SNA Displays Overhauls Popular Shopping Destination on Vegas Strip.


Project Location

3663 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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