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SNA Displays Adds to Growing Digital Signage Network in Downtown Dallas

SNA Displays manufactured digital out-of-home (OOH) signage with a custom steel frame for the Davis Building Garage at 1310 Elm Street in downtown Dallas’ Historic District near the Giant Eyeball public art piece. The EMPIRE™ exterior display protrudes from the building façade in a triangle shape with a 120-degree angle between the two faces.

A style of frame typically used for corner displays, SNA Displays designed the custom A-frame to comply with local city codes regarding sidewalk overhang clearances.

“Due to changing site conditions, the primary outrigger supports were unevenly spaced, so we engineered the original frame design to match these site conditions,” said Mikell Senger, project manager for SNA Displays. “This resulted in a frame design that could accommodate inconsistencies as large as one inch in the x, y, and z-axes.”

Big Outdoor, a privately held OOH media company, and sign installer Kieffer-Starlite partnered with SNA Displays on this project.

The direct-view LED is 15'9" high by 17'10" wide (720 x 816 pixels). It uses a 6.67 mm pixel pitch and has a total of 587,520 pixels over 281 square feet of digital display canvas.

The display at 1310 Elm Street is one of many LED screens manufactured by SNA Displays and installed in the Dallas area. Other examples include the blade sign at the Joule Hotel and a pair of double-sided 9x16 screens at 1015 Elm Street, also known as Crowne Plaza.

About BIG Outdoor

BIG Outdoor is a privately held premier Out-Of-Home media company focused on the development, marketing and sales of unique high-profile media assets in key media markets across the country. To learn more, visit bigoutdoor.com.


Project Location

1310 Elm Street, Dallas, TX

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