3 Columbus Circle

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16 mm / 72 mm

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610 x 1,296

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Historic NYC Sign Replaced with THRUMEDIA™ Technology

SNA recently completed the installation of a new THRUMEDIA LED display, replacing the historic CNN sign atop 3 Columbus Circle in Manhattan’s upper west side. The display faces north and overlooks Central Park and Columbus Circle.

In upgrading the display with LED transparent video technology, the building owner, SL Green Realty Corp., maintained the rooftop’s aesthetics, a look dating back to the late 1920s. Since then, the historic sign location has been procured by General Motors, Hitachi, A&E Biography, and CNN. The look and feel of the display has remained virtually unchanged.

The Benefits of ThruMedia

The project included the removal of the neon CNN sign and the erection of the new THRUMEDIA LED display, which contains 175,680 physical pixels. The transparent video is comprised of vertical LED strips spaced 72 mm apart. Vertically, the strips have a 16 mm pixel pitch. The SNA processors account for the gaps, processing the “imaginary” pixels so that the content is properly viewed without stretching or distortion.

There are 790,560 pixels processed throughout the display (610 high x 1296 wide).

A huge benefit to the THRUMEDIA technology is the thinner profile and lesser weight versus conventional LED displays. The rooftop's legacy sign structure was able to support the lighter weight of the newer display, a substantial financial benefit to the owners.

Additionally, some equipment needed to run THRUMEDIA LED displays can be stored away from structure. Field controllers, containing power supplies and logic boards can be placed remotely, away from the display, allowing for a cleaner transparent look and ease of service.

The display measures approximately 32’0” high by 67’11” wide and will continuously display time and temperature at the bottom portion of the sign.


Project Location

3 Columbus Circle, New York, NY

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