Salesforce Tower Sydney

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68 Million

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1.5 - 4 mm

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Salesforce Tower Sydney

SNA Displays manufactured just over 5,600 square feet of LED video display technology for Salesforce Tower Sydney, located in the iconic Circular Quay harbor in the heart of Sydney, Australia.

Salesforce Tower Sydney Display Summary
Display Product Pitch Size (h x w) Resolution
Lobby Wall 1 BOLD™ Interior 4 mm 34'7" x 31'11" 2,634 x 2,432
Lobby Wall 2 BOLD™ Interior 4 mm 34'7" x 31'8" 2,634 x 2,413
Lobby Wall 3 BOLD™ Interior 4 mm 34'7" x 23' 2,634 x 1,755
Lobby Wall 4 BOLD™ Interior 4 mm 34'7" x 41'8" 2,634 x 3,172
Auditorium BRILLIANT™ Interior 1.6 mm 13'4" x 52'7" 2,430, x 9,600
Concave Semi-Circle Display BRILLIANT™ Interior 1.6 mm 7'5" x 34'10" 1,350 x 6,360
Salon BRILLIANT™ Interior 1.6 mm 5'11" x 10'6" 1,080 x 1,920
Conference Room Displays (x4) ASPECT 1.5 mm 5'6" x 9'10 1,080 x 1,920


The giant digital lobby display consists of four massive BOLD™ Interior LED video walls, two of which are set at right angles to form a corner wrap. Each LED screen employs a 4-millimeter pixel pitch and is 34'7" tall, with widths ranging from 23 feet to 41 feet 8 inches. Combined, the four-panel, direct-view LED display system includes approximately 4,400 square feet of digital canvas and processes nearly 26 million pixels.

Upper Floors

Salesforce Tower Sydney’s upper floors include three 1.6 mm BRILLIANT™ Interior video walls and four 135-inch ASPECT™ all-in-one LED displays.

The Auditorium LED display on the 38th floor measures approximately 13'4" x 52'7" (2,430 x 9,600 pixels) and has a slight concave curve.

The LED display on the 50th floor is a concave semi-circle display that fully immerses the viewer. Featuring a nine-foot radius, the LED video wall is approximately 7’5" tall and 34'10" wide (1,350 x 6,360 pixels).

The third BRILLIANT™ Interior LED video wall is located in the Salon on the tower’s 51st floor. It measures approximately 6' x 10'6" (1,080 x 1,920 pixels).

The four ASPECT™ all-in-one LED video displays are located in conference rooms on the building’s 50th and 53rd floors. Each screen employs a 1.5 mm pixel pitch with a high-definition resolution of 1,080 x 1,920 pixels.

SNA Displays partnered with Sensory Interactive, which develops and manages digital media installations and brand-focused content for Salesforce facilities around the globe. Multinational construction, property investment, and infrastructure company Lendlease provided general contracting services while AV integrator Diversified provided integration and installation services. SNA Displays provided the content management system.

Designed by building architecture firm Foster + Partners, Salesforce Tower Sydney is a 53-story building with views across Sydney Harbour, Harbour Bridge, and the iconic Sydney Opera House. It is the tallest building in the city, the second tallest skyscraper in Australia, and one of the country’s most sustainable buildings. As with other Salesforce towers, the Sydney location includes a hospitality space known as the Ohana Floor, which the company makes available to non-profits and local education groups on weeknights and weekends at no cost.

For more information on how Salesforce integrates cutting-edge video display technology into its iconic skyscrapers, visit SNA Displays’ Salesforce portfolio.


Project Location

180 George Street, Sydney, Australia

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