Kurita America

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Total Pixels

2.2 million

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Pixel Pitch

2.5 mm

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900 X 2,400

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Square feet


Kurita America Incorporates LED Video Wall at its Minnesota Headquarters

Global water solutions company Kurita America added a decorative LED display to the lobby of its new headquarters in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, joining a growing number of businesses using LED video wall technology in their lobbies to enhance the visual experience for visitors and employees.

Kurita America’s new direct-view LED video wall uses 2.5 mm pixel pitch technology from SNA Displays’ BOLD™ line of interior display products. The digital display is approximately 7 feet by 20 feet (900 pixels high by 2,400 wide), covers 145 square feet of wall space, and has about 2.2 million total pixels. Furthermore, the wall-mounted LED screen serves as an artistic centerpiece and features custom media players and content from Fusion CI Studios.

The Vomela Companies oversaw procurement and management of the technology update, while SNA Displays oversaw installation and provided project management expertise in addition to manufacturing the screen. Custom AV installer Digital Dreams installed subframes, diecasts, and panels; mounted the cabinets; connected the media player; and ran power and data connections.

For more information on the BOLD™ LED video wall at Kurita America HQ, visit snadisplays.com/news/kurita-america.

Digital Lobby Signs and Video Walls

With optimized content, LED video walls from SNA Displays’ BOLD™ and BRILLIANT™ interior product lines impress visitors and inspire employees. Coupled with high-end content, they create eye-catching centerpieces that delight and amaze.

Video walls allow businesses a medium to do more than just greet guests. Rather, digital display technology provides a way to offer them a digital experience they are sure to remember.

Download The Digital Canvas to learn more about ways to create exciting and engaging experiences in lobbies, conference rooms, and other gathering areas.

About The Vomela Companies

The Vomela Companies are a national network of graphic design and large format printing specialists creating brand awareness and experiential immersion through promotional, store décor, event, and transportation visual solutions. Learn more at vomela.com.

About Fusion CI Studios

Fusion CI Studios integrates art, engineering, and advanced visual effects technologies to create mind-bending, immersive sensory experiences. Their iconic visual effects can be found on LED video walls, film and tv, and other commercial and special projects. To learn more, visit fusioncis.com.

About Digital Dreams

Digital Dreams is an audio-video integrator that specializes in installing direct-view LED, data cables, thermal detection, video conferencing rooms, security systems, and other technology systems. For more, visit digitaldreams.us.


Project Location

6600 94th Avenue N., Brooklyn Park, MN

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