Gensler Houston

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Total Pixels

4.1 Million

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Pixel Pitch

1.9 mm



1,170 X 3,536

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Square feet


Gensler Houston Lobby Video Wall

SNA Displays manufactured and installed the BRILLIANT™ Interior LED video display in the lobby of Gensler’s Houston office, which is located in the city’s central business district. The fine-pitch direct-view LED video wall is similar to the lobby digital centerpiece at another of Gensler's Texas-based offices, also built by SNA Displays.  

The canvas of the 1.9 mm LED video wall is 7'4" tall and 22'3" long, wrapping around a corner to provide a wider viewing experience within the lobby. The screen contains more than 4.1 million pixels and is powered by SNA Displays’ proprietary V3US02 processor. It operates via Gensler’s content management system. 

The display system also includes a robust audio system with integrated speakers as well as cameras and LED strip lighting elements provided by Diversified. 

Read SNA Displays’ news release about the Gensler Houston video wall to learn more.


Project Location

2 Houston Center, Houston, TX

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