AT&T Experience Store

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11.3 Million

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1.92 mm

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AT&T Discovery District

Located in downtown Dallas, Texas, the AT&T Discovery District is a five-block technology showcase that features a variety of digital and physical experiences. It showcases LED displays that are integrated with each other and with digital and lighting assets throughout the property, creating a Bellagio-style activation effect.

The District includes an open-air plaza with a park and an iconic sculpture called The Globe that has an interactive light and sound experience. Furthermore, it blends natural beauty with state-of-the-art digital displays in a sustainable manner that earned a SITES Silver Certification. Locals have said the area seems a little bit like New York.

SNA Displays supported the AT&T team during city planning meetings and assisted with technical details during the permitting process. It also manufactured and installed all of the major digital display assets throughout the property.

The District is the culmination of three years of planning and development and will host outdoor events, a variety of restaurants, and innovative technology experiences.

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AT&T Experience Store

A foundational element of the digital displays portion of the AT&T Discovery District project was The AT&T Experience Store, which includes three major LED assets: two flat screen media walls and a large, curved column. The SNA Displays systems team integrated all display technology with its front-end system. These LED display assets are the focal points of the cutting-edge retail store, the entrance of which is just below The Media Wall at AT&T Discovery District.

When designing the AT&T Experience Store, AT&T sought ultra-fine-pitch LED technology that would allow visitors to explore a range of immersive experiences, including interactive, limited-time pop-ups. According to The District website, “The AT&T Experience Store is an interactive space designed to delight your senses.”

The three LED screens in the AT&T Experience Store are from SNA Displays’ BRILLIANT Interior line of LED products. Each display employs a pixel pitch of 1.92 mm (the distance between the centers of adjacent pixels). The screens feature content from brand experience creators Twenty Four 7.

The two LED walls are 8'10" tall and 15'9" wide (1,404 pixels by 2,496 pixels). If unwrapped, the LED canvas on the circular column would measure 9'7" by 17'9" (1,521 x 2,808 pixels).

Combined, the AT&T Experience Store is processing a total of 11.3 million pixels.

SNA Displays worked with the renowned design and architect firm Gensler and with the Beck Group, a construction company and general contractor.


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AT&T Experience Store
Display Pitch Pixels Square Feet
Circular Column 1.92 mm 4,270,968 170
Flat Screen Video Walls (2) 1.92 mm 7,008,768 279
AT&T Headquarters Lobby
Display Pitch Pixels Square Feet
LED Columns (8) 1.92 mm 53,149,824 2,116
Media Box 1.92 mm 20,150,208 802
The Media Wall at AT&T Discovery District
Display Pitch Pixels Square Feet
The Media Wall 6.67 mm 18,247,680 8,730
Project Totals
All Displays Pixels Square Feet
13 102,827,448 12,096

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity transcends fancy logos and catchy slogans. In the modern, digital age, it’s the story that an organization tells its clients, guests, and employees. More importantly, it’s the emotional investment between storyteller and audience. It defines a brand’s unique look and feel, creating awareness, loyalty, and preference.

Whether it’s an LED video wall in a lobby or digital retail signage, tailored display solutions enhance a company’s message. Digital signage communicates memorable brand messages effectively, seamlessly, consistently, and conveniently. Likewise, many organizations use signage networks to easily scale their message and manage content remotely.

Consider these facts related to signage:

  • Digital displays capture 400 percent more views than static displays.
  • Sixty-eight percent of consumers believe a store’s signage reflects the quality of its products or services.
  • Seventy-five percent of consumers said they told someone about a store based simply on its signage.

Digital technology such as direct-view LED also increases the potential for interactivity, letting the audience become part of the story instead of being a passive viewer (for example, letting people tweet onto a giant LED screen).

Furthermore, LED technology’s dynamic nature helps employers keep up with the ways internal communications are changing. Digital displays allow workplaces to be smarter and more connected, enhancing productivity and providing employees with timely information and critical feedback. Successful video content engages employees, instills company pride, and increases loyalty.

BRILLIANT Interior Displays

SNA Displays’ line of BRILLIANT Interior LED displays features products with a pixel pitch of less than 2 millimeters. These narrow pixel pitch display products are ideal for applications with very short viewing distances. These applications include conference rooms, lobbies, walk-up concourse displays, live-event monitors, retail stores, point-of-purchase displays, museum digitals, and much more.

All BRILLIANT Interior display products employ surface-mount device (SMD) pixel packaging technology, where the diodes in each pixel are packaged together, allowing for crisp, clear imagery and a widened viewing experience. Diodes utilized in BRILLIANT Interior displays are produced in our state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturing facility, meeting some of the industry’s most stringent quality controls.

In addition to a range of pixel densities, display products from our BRILLIANT Interior line are available in assorted panel sizes, various cabinet types, custom corners, and other custom-engineered solutions to fit any application.

About Gensler

Gensler is a global architecture, design, and planning firm, with 50 offices worldwide. For more information, visit their website at

About Beck Group

Founded in 1912, the Beck Group is a team of designers and builders that offers architecture and construction expertise. For more information, visit


Project Location

308 S Akard Street, Dallas, TX

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