Salesforce East

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38.9 Million

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1.25 mm, 6 mm

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Salesforce East

SNA Displays manufactured and oversaw the installation of five BRILLIANT™ interior displays in addition to the massive BOLD™ lobby video wall at Salesforce East, one of several Salesforce corporate developments in San Francisco. Salesforce is a cloud-based software company known for its customer relationship management services.

In San Francisco’s Financial District, Salesforce East is located at 350 Mission Street, the same building that features the well-known wrap-around lobby wall and art centerpiece from SNA Displays. It’s also near several other SNA Displays projects: Okta, Salesforce Tower (San Francisco), and 50 Fremont.

Three of the digital displays are in the building’s Innovation and Transformation Center (ITC), a cutting-edge space designed to inspire employees to engage with their customers in meaningful ways. They are each 1,620 pixels high by 2,880 pixels wide (6'8" by 11'10") and feature scissor/x-arm frames installed by RP Visual Solutions to allow them to be extended from the wall for easy service. Arrow Sign Company provided subframes for the installation.

The fourth display is on the 29th-floor reception room and has a resolution of 1,980 by 3,520 (8'1" x 14'5"), giving it nearly 7 million pixels. The reception room serves as a check-in area for the ITC spaces.

Finally, the Ohana room on the 30th floor features an 11.3-million-pixel display that is 2,520 by 4,480 pixels (10'4" x 18'4"). This room was designed as a high-end space to host clients; it includes a stage for parties and a full kitchen that allows for a complete dining experience.

The impressive BOLD™ lobby wall that is part of the overall display network at Salesforce East uses a 6 mm pixel pitch and has a resolution of 1,920 by 3,480 pixels (37'10" by 68'6"), for a total size of 2,589 square feet. For more information on this display, visit the project page for 350 Mission Street.

All of the direct-view LEDs other than the huge lobby display use a pixel pitch of 1.25 mm, giving Salesforce East a total of 38.9 million pixels over 3,132 square feet of digital display canvas, and feature brand-focused content developed by Sensory Interactive.


Project Location

350 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

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