Salesforce Tower Chicago

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27.6 Million

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1.6 mm, 1.5 mm, 4 mm

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Salesforce Tower Chicago

Nestled in the fork of the Chicago River, Salesforce Tower Chicago features a vast LED display network including large-format LED videowalls in the skyscraper's lobby.

Salesforce Tower Chicago Display Summary

Upper Floor Curved Display (L55) 1.6 mm BRILLIANT™ Interior 7'5" x 29' 1,350 x 5,280
Salon Display (L57) 1.6 mm BRILLIANT™ Interior 8' x 14'6" 1,485 x 2,640
Lobby D1 4 mm BOLD™ Interior 16' x 14'7" 1,215 x 1,112
Lobby D2 4 mm BOLD™ Interior 16' x 19'4" 1,215 x 1,472
Lobby D3 4 mm BOLD™ Interior 16' x 19'4" 1,215 x 1,472
Lobby D4 4 mm BOLD™ Interior 16' x 19'4" 1,215 x 1,472
Lobby D5 4 mm BOLD™ Interior 16' x 17' 1,215 x 1,292
Conference Room (x4) 1.5 mm ASPECT™ 5’6” x 9’10” 1,080 x 1,920


Salesforce Tower Chicago greets visitors with five BOLD™ Interior LED lobby videowalls featuring artistic, biophilic, mood-enhancing content from the industry’s top content creators. The quintet of 4 mm direct-view LED videowalls process nearly 8.3 million pixels across more than 1,400 square feet of digital canvas. The lobby displays are 16 feet tall and range from 15 feet to 19 feet wide.

Upper Floors

Upper levels include is a 7'5" x 29' (1,350 x 5,280 pixels) curved LED display on the building’s 55th floor. Featuring a tight 1.6 mm pixel pitch, this BRILLIANT™ Interior LED videowall has a 12'9" curved radius and processes more than 7 million pixels.

A second 1.6 mm BRILLIANT™ Interior LED display can be found in the Salon on the high-rise’s 57th floor. The Salon display is approximately 8 feet tall and 14-and-a-half feet wide (1,485 x 2,640 pixels).

The digital display network also includes four 135-inch ASPECT™ all-in-one video display systems. Located in conference rooms on 55th and 56th floors, each plug-and-play video display features an HD resolution of 1,080 x 1,920 pixels.

SNA Displays partnered with Sensory Interactive, which develops and manages digital media installations and brand-focused content for Salesforce facilities around the globe. Camera Corner Connecting Point provided integration and installation services for the LED screens throughout Salesforce Tower Chicago.

For more information about how Salesforce integrates high-end video display networks into its office spaces, visit SNA Displays’ Salesforce portfolio.


Project Location

333 W Wolf Point Plaza, Chicago, IL

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