1401 H Street

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Total Pixels

1.2 million

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Pixel Pitch

2.5 mm

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1,080 X 1,120

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Square feet


BOLD™ Lobby Display at 1401 H Street

SNA Displays manufactured and supplied a BOLD™ Interior display for an office building halfway between Franklin Square and Lafayette Square in downtown Washington, D.C. The LED screen was installed in the building’s lobby, directly behind the registration desk. Its wide, steel frame was integrated flush with the walls, giving the display a sleek, low-profile look.

The display uses a 2.5 mm pixel pitch (the distance between the centers of adjacent pixels) and is 8'10" by 9'2" (1,080 pixels high by 1,120 pixels wide). This means that the display is 81 square feet and has over 1.2 million pixels.

SNA Displays partnered with Diversified, a commercial integrator, display installer, and channel partner. The project was completed for general contractor DPR Construction for the property’s owner and developer, Cushman & Wakefield.


The display’s LED processor is a powerful processing tool built to accommodate the next generation of video content. Since it is a holistic, in-house designed and engineered processing unit, SNA Displays is able to fully understand, control, and output pixel-perfect imagery from the input of the processor to the stunning output on the display. The processor also comes with a feature-rich, fully accessible API for end users to integrate seamlessly into their workflow and control applications. With six channels, each capable of processing 614,400 pixels, the LED processor can handle more than 3.6 million pixels.


Project Location

1401 H Street NW, Washington, D.C.

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