Bradley University

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5.2 Million

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1.92 mm, 2.5 mm

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Bradley University Includes LED Signage As Part of Campus Upgrade

SNA Displays manufactured several LED display screens for the newly developed Business and Engineering Convergence Center (BECC) at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. The convergence center is 270,000 square feet of academic space, featuring 28 classrooms, eight computer labs, 46 specialized labs, and 30 collaboration and meeting spaces. It has a real-time digital stock market ticker display around the atrium of the building and classroom walls made from transparent glass.

Installation of the new display technology was managed and completed by Conference Technologies, Inc.

Inside the innovative, glass-enclosed classroom is a video wall from SNA Displays’ BRILLIANT™ line of interior display products. This LED screen uses a very tight 1.92 mm pixel pitch and is 4'5" high by 31'6" wide (702 pixels by 4,992 pixels) for a total of 139.5 square feet of digital display canvas.

One of the two digital stock market tickers was installed above the classroom’s video wall and also comes from SNA Displays’ BRILLIANT™ line of interior display products. It has a matching 1.92 mm pixel pitch and is 1'6" high by 14'5" wide (234 x 2,288) for a total of 21 square feet.

A BOLD™ SNA Displays LED ticker wraps around a corner on the outside of the classroom. It employs a 2.5 mm pixel pitch and is 1'6" high by 53'10" wide (180 x 6,560) for a total of 79 square feet.

In total, the three displays are comprised of 5.2 million pixels.

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Project Location

1501 W Bradley Avenue, Peoria, IL

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