Kilroy Realty

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Total Pixels

8.3 million

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Pixel Pitch

2.5 mm

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1,920 X 4,320

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Square feet


Kilroy Media Wall

SNA Displays manufactured and supplied a BOLD™ Interior display for the Kilroy Realty property at 660 3rd Street, San Francisco, a few blocks from Mission Bay. The project was in collaboration with Audio Visual Design Group, a member of SNA Displays’ North American channel partner program.

The concave LED wall is 557 square feet (15'9" x 35'5") and uses a 2.5 mm pixel pitch at a resolution of 1,920 pixels high by 4,320 pixels wide. The display has 8.3 million total pixels.

SNA Displays also partnered with RP Visual Solutions, who provided a custom frame to match the curved media wall.


Project Location

660 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA

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