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The California-based headquarters of Google's popular video-sharing website has a new network of displays that combine cutting-edge technology with a modern, sleek aesthetic.

Installed in the lobby and along the hallways of YouTube's headquarters, each of the four custom displays are comprised of between 10 and 50 separate column-shaped screens, which work in tandem to showcase a single image across the multiple displays.

To add to the artistry of the project, SNA Displays worked with Lane Rick of Office of Things (OO-T) to create dichroic glass shields to “warp” each display, resulting in a unique application of SNA products.

SNA provided 158 10 mm BOLD™ displays for this one-of-a-kind project. Each screen measures either approximately 8 feet by 10 feet, with a resolution of 5,184 pixels, or 6 feet by 10 feet, with a resolution of 4,032 pixels. In all, the collection of displays contain a combined total of over 812,000 pixels.

“As expected, there were a large number of participants interested in the success of this effort. We were truly amazed at how easy the SNA parts were to install and commission. Considering that this particular installation was less about resolution more about Fit & Finish, we really needed more than just a video wall. The custom fabricated enclosures and preassembly provided by SNA made it possible for us to meet the specific dimensional demands of the installation in a fraction of the time. They became our partner on Day 1 and never left our side, which we are truly grateful for!” — Andrew Stanley, Account Manager | AVDG


These interior LED video displays employ surface-mount devices (SMD) pixel technology, where the LEDs in each pixel are packaged together, allowing for crisp, clear imagery and a widened viewing experience.


This project was completed in partnership with Audio Visual Design Group (AVDG), a member of the SNA Displays Channel Program, which supports a select group of best-in-breed North American audio-visual integrators with world-class indoor and outdoor LED solutions.


Project Location

901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA

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