350 Mission Street

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Total Pixels

6.7 Million

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Pixel Pitch

6 mm

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1,960 x 3,480

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Square feet


SNA Displays manufactured and installed a high-resolution LED video wall at 350 Mission Street, also known as Salesforce East, in San Francisco. The state-of-the-art LED display was installed as part of an office tower development by owner Kilroy Realty Corporation. The 30-story high-rise is located on the north corner of Fremont and Mission streets in San Francisco’s business district and is adjacent to the Transbay Transit Center.

Kilroy Realty and the City of San Francisco commissioned acclaimed media artist Refik Anadol to create an immersive public art installation on the LED canvas. Titled "Virtual Depictions: San Francisco," Anadol's work included a series of parametric data sculptures telling the story of the city and the people around San Francisco within a unique artistic approach, according to the artist's website.

"I'm very, very satisfied," said Anadol. "Having a dynamic artwork and real-time data sculpture concept was a stress on the creation side, but in the end it fit perfectly for the City of San Francisco. This is the first time I have used such a high-end system."


The high-resolution video screen is part of SNA Displays’ BOLD™ Interior line of high-end LED products. It features a 6 mm pixel pitch, meaning the center of each pixel is only .24 inches from the center of an adjacent pixel. At 37'9" high by 68'6" wide, the installation consists of 2,589 square feet of digital canvas.

The interior LED display wraps around a 90-degree lobby wall corner. SNA Displays designed and manufactured a custom corner module for the project, providing a tight seam at the turn. The display resolution is 1,960 pixels high by 3,480 pixels wide including the side wall, giving the digital canvas a total of 6.7 million pixels.


A huge benefit of the technology SNA Displays used to create the LED wall at 350 Mission, which sources digital content from a variety of artists and content managers, is its flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of software products.

“For the project, I needed to create a custom software and hardware setup in order to achieve some complex real-time graphics,” said Anadol, a lecturer at UCLA’s Department of Design Media Arts. “And the system was designed completely open-ended for possible creative inputs. It was extremely easy and user-friendly.”

The LED display system is capable of displaying 4K content natively, but the screen can also be segmented for a variety of looks and purposes. It can play a combination of animations, video, imagery and live data simultaneously. Furthermore, SNA Displays designed and installed speakers throughout the lobby floor that work in concert with the video content. Analog Way and Visual Image Display were instrumental throughout the project, including system visualization, engineering, and hands-on support during installation.


Project Location

350 Mission St, San Francisco, CA


Salesforce East includes five BRILLIANT™ Interior LED displays. Three of the digital displays are in the building’s Innovation and Transformation Center, one is in a reception area on the 29th floor, and the last is in the Ohana room on the 30th floor. All of these direct-view LED screens use a 1.25 mm pixel pitch, giving the property a total of 38.9 million pixels over 3,132 square feet of digital display canvas, and feature brand-focused content developed by Sensory Interactive.

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