Starbucks Salesforce Tower

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Total Pixels

1 million

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Pixel Pitch

3 mm

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896 X 1,152

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Square feet


BOLD™ LED Display at Starbucks Salesforce Tower

Guests and employees at Salesforce Tower, San Francisco’s tallest building, can enjoy a BOLD™ LED screen from SNA Displays’ line of interior LED display products as they sip their morning coffee or afternoon pick-me-up. Conveniently located on the property’s 5th floor, Salesforce Tower’s in-house coffee shop opens to an elevated park flanking the Salesforce Transit Center, which is directly adjacent to the building.

Formerly co-branded with Starbucks as the Trailblazer Café, the Salesforce Tower Starbucks is the only public entry point from Salesforce Park to the tower. The digital display complements the café’s rainforest décor with high-resolution, nature-themed images.

From a statement on a Starbucks Facebook page:

“Taking cues from Salesforce’s love of all things natural and Hawaiian, the [café’s] design is conceived as an extension of the park it looks out upon. Exterior park pavers have been utilized as flooring to create a seamless transition from interior to exterior. Warm, Teak toned wood slates create textural surfaces reminiscent of native Hawaiian structures. Living green walls and large planters extend the park's vibrant flora to the café interior. Solid wood countertops create warmth and encourage our customers to lean in and stay a while. Ornate woven wood patterns on the main bar highlight coffee craft. The space also features custom interior and exterior community table seating that reinforces human connection and the 'Ohana' spirit.”

The 100-square-foot Salesforce Tower Starbucks LED display is 11'4" tall by 8'10" wide (896 pixels high by 1,152 pixels wide) and uses a 3 mm pixel pitch. This means it contains over a million total pixels.

Digital Lobby Signs and Video Walls

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Video walls allow businesses a medium to do more than just greet guests. Rather, digital display technology provides a way to offer them a digital experience they are sure to remember.

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Project Location

415 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

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