FedEx Logistics Headquarters

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Total Pixels

5.1 Million

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Pixel Pitch

1.25 mm

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810 X 6,420

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Square feet


FedEx Lobby Greets Visitor with 5-Million-Pixel LED Display

Multinational shipping and delivery service FedEx added a ticker-style LED video wall from SNA Displays’ BRILLIANT™ Interior line of LED display systems to the FedEx Logistics Headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. The headquarters building is located next door to FedEx Forum, home to the Memphis Grizzlies and University of Memphis Tigers. Diversified, a full-service media technology integration company, provided installation and integration services for the project.

The interior LED display features a 1.25 mm pixel pitch, meaning the distance from the center of one pixel to the center of an adjacent pixel is only 1/20 of an inch, or about the width of a credit card. At 85 square feet, the 810-pixel-high by 6,240-pixel-wide digital screen has approximately 59,000 pixels per square foot. The LED display’s frame is mounted onto sheet metal, giving it an industrial look.

“The lobby display in FedEx’s Logistics headquarters is a perfect example of combining architecture and multimedia,” said Tony Kaiser, project manager at SNA Displays. “Our BRILLIANT Interior LED series opens up a world of possibilities to engage visitors and employees with branded content, inspirational material, and digital masterpieces.”

Lobbies and Video Walls

Video walls are increasingly being used to engage visitors with adaptable, dynamic content. Think of an ultra-realistic digital waterfall that causes some visitors to complain about water waste until they realize they’ve been had.

With optimized content, LED video walls from SNA Displays’ BOLD™ and BRILLIANT™ Interior product lines impress visitors and inspire employees. Combined with premiere content, they create eye-catching centerpieces that delight and amaze.

Video walls do more than just greet guests, however. Digital display technology provides a way to offer visitors an experience they won’t forget.

Download our eBrief The Digital Canvas to learn more ways to create exciting and engaging experiences in lobbies, conference rooms, and other gathering areas.

About Diversified

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Project Location

145 Lt. George W. Lee Avenue, Memphis, TN

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