Indiana Convention Center

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19 Million

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2.5 mm

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Indiana Convention Center

SNA Displays provided a suite of LED displays to the Indiana Convention Center (ICC) in downtown Indianapolis. Operated by the Capital Improvement Board of Managers of Marion County (CIB), the convention center is connected to Lucas Oil Stadium, and the digital display networks of both facilities are now fully integrated.

WJHW provided consulting and design services for the project on behalf of the CIB.

The dvLED technology will be used for branding, wayfinding, live broadcasting, advertising, and artistic content, allowing ICC clients a much more visual and dynamic way to communicate with event attendees.

ICC Digital Signage Network

Indiana Convention Center Display Summary

Display Location
Georgia St. Entrance (left) 2.5 mm BOLD™ Interior 14'9" x 14'5" 1,800 x 1,760
Georgia St. Entrance (middle) 2.5 mm BOLD™ Interior 14'9" x 13"1" 1,800 x 1,600
Georgia St. Entrance (right) 2.5 mm BOLD™ Interior 14'9" x 14'5” 1,800 x 1,760
Stadium Connector 2.5 mm BOLD™ Interior 4'5” x 22'4" 540 x 2,720
Cafe Wall 2.5 mm BOLD™ Interior 5'11" x 9'2" 720 x 1,120
LED Flags (x8) 2.5 mm BOLD™ Interior 19'2" x 3'3" 2,340 x 400

The ICC’s inventory of digital displays consists of 13 BOLD™ Interior LED screens, all of which employ a 2.5 mm pixel pitch. The LED displays are a mixture of single-faced screens and dual-faced flag signs. Highlights include a three-section LED display measuring approximately 15 feet tall and 42 feet across at the center’s entrance and a 4'6" x 22'4" (540 x 2,720 pixels) bulkhead display above the hallway that connects the ICC to Lucas Oil Stadium. In total, the ICC’s digital display network processes approximately 19 million pixels.


  • Control system and suite of monitoring cameras allow for efficient monitoring
  • Fully redundant ~sedna system including legacy displays; more than two dozen players deployed
  • Seven Analog Way PLS4K processors
  • Imagine SNP gateway allows for ST2110 video between convention center and stadium
  • Remote power control via LynTec

Signage solutions company Huston Signs provided installation services.

For more information, visit SNA Displays’ news release.


Project Location

100 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN

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