AT&T Headquarters Lobby

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SNA Displays Creates a 75-Million-Pixel Lobby Experience

AT&T Discovery District

The AT&T Discovery District in downtown Dallas, Texas, is the global headquarters for AT&T and represents both a global and local beacon for AT&T’s business and brand. The five-block technology center includes several indoor and outdoor digital assets that can be synchronized to create a stunning multi-sensory experience.

The District offers a city-center experience that draws technology enthusiasts, families, curious locals, and everything in between. Part of the design choices involved merging natural beauty with state-of-the-art digital displays in a sustainable and resilient land development project that earned a SITES Silver Certification. This means visitors can enjoy sun on the lawn or rest in the shade of The Grove as they enjoy a variety of awe-inspiring artistic content.

SNA Displays supported the AT&T team during city planning meetings and helped with technical details during the permitting process. It also manufactured and installed the major digital display assets throughout the District.

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AT&T Headquarters Lobby

A key indoor element of the AT&T Discovery District development project was the AT&T Headquarters Lobby in the 37-story office tower at One AT&T Plaza. The design concept for AT&T’s global headquarters, which has over 1 million square feet of office space, was to create a “modern media lobby with a one-of-a-kind, floor-to-ceiling fusion of architecture, multimedia content, and technology.” In other words, AT&T wanted “a signature media experience.”

The space consists of eight evenly distributed digital columns (one of which is split by the lobby’s second level), a large, three-sided digital video wall known as the “Media Box,” and an expansive ceiling “veil.” The LED columns vary in height depending on their location in the lobby and nicely complement the lobby’s huge video wall, the Media Box, with synchronized artistic content. The veil is a diffused, LED lighting feature from the lobby’s second story that enhances the site’s otherworldly experience by visually connecting all the digital content elements with color.

For the LED columns and Media Box, which offer employees and visitors a cohesive digital experience that is engaging, interactive, and unique, architecture and design firm Gensler selected SNA Displays’ BRILLIANT Interior line of LED products. The screens’ tight 1.92 mm pixel pitch and extremely high resolution is designed for walk-up visitors in very close proximity.

The Media Box is 13'3" tall by 60'4" wide with a resolution of 2,106 pixels by 9,568 pixels. This gives it over 20 million pixels across 802 square feet of digital display canvas. In total, the AT&T Lobby has nearly 75 million pixels and 3,000 square feet of LED surface.

All of the LEDs in this project were made and installed by SNA Displays. Gensler provided design, architectural, and project management services while the Beck Group was the general contractor who oversaw the entire installation.

Core Creative Labs provided most of the content for the lobby. However, as with the rest of the District, the displays also feature abstract, synchronized art from digital content heavyweights like Moment Factory and Refik Anadol.


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AT&T Headquarters Lobby
Display Pitch Pixels Square Feet
LED Columns (8) 1.92 mm 53,149,824 2,116
Media Box 1.92 mm 20,150,208 802
AT&T Experience Store
Display Pitch Pixels Square Feet
Circular Column 1.92 mm 4,270,968 170
Flat Screen Video Walls (2) 1.92 mm 7,008,768 279
The Media Wall at AT&T Discovery District
Display Pitch Pixels Square Feet
The Media Wall 6.67 mm 18,247,680 8,730
Project Totals
All Displays Pixels Square Feet
13 102,827,448 12,096

Lobby Video Walls

More and more, video walls are engaging visitors with adaptable, dynamic content. For example, a realistic, immersive digital waterfall that has people talking years after its debut.

With optimized content, LED video walls from SNA Displays’ BOLD and BRILLIANT interior product lines impress visitors and inspire employees. Coupled with high-end content, they create eye-catching centerpieces that delight and amaze.

Video walls allow businesses a medium to do more than just greet guests. Rather, digital display technology provides a way to offer them a digital experience they are sure to remember.

Download The Digital Canvas to learn more ways to create exciting and engaging experiences in lobbies, conference rooms, and other gathering areas.

Custom Engineering

While SNA Displays is well known for industry-defining mega-spectaculars, we’ve really made our mark in one-off digital display manufacturing. With hundreds of talented engineers and the capacity to handle intricate designs, custom engineering has long been our specialty.

Whether developing new products for tight-radius designs, tight corners, mounting anomalies, or odd-shaped and immersive displays, we’ve shown designers, architects, and consultants that our engineering teams excel in the most complex and innovative project environments.

About Gensler

Gensler is a global architecture, design, and planning firm, with 50 offices worldwide. For more information, visit their website at

About Beck Group

Founded in 1912, the Beck Group is a team of designers and builders that offers architecture and construction expertise. For more information, visit


Project Location

1 AT&T Plaza, Dallas, TX

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