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1.92 mm, 2.5 mm

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SNA Displays Interior LED Technology is Part of TENSPACE’s Revolutionary Retail Experience

Design firm TENFOLD® launched an 1,800-square-foot experiential retail store called TENSPACE featuring two high-end interior video screens from SNA Displays. The LED displays were installed near the store’s windows to attract foot traffic and offer a creative canvas for tenants to showcase their brand identities.

In a recessed section of the store’s north wall is a 2.5 mm video wall from SNA Displays’ BOLD™ Interior line of LED display products. It measures 8'10" high by 8'6" wide and provides more than 1.1 million pixels (1,080 x 1,040) of experiential content.

The second direct-view LED display, from SNA Displays’ BRILLIANT™ Interior product line, is ceiling-mounted on a pivot pole in the middle of the store. This “pivot wall” features a 1.92 mm pixel pitch and can rotate 180 degrees in either direction, allowing for more options in the store’s layout. It is 5'11" high by 6'6" wide (936 x 1,040).

Powered by Crestron’s custom integration equipment, the new video displays can be controlled remotely via iPad. They are also synched with the audio in the space, meaning the space is fully integrated from an AV perspective.

Both LED displays, which have just over 2 million pixels combined, were installed by AV integrator Digital Dreams.

For more details about TENSPACE’s design concept, see the News Release.

Retail Digital Window Displays and In-Store Signs

Given the convenience of online shopping, it is increasingly difficult for retailers to draw customers into brick-and-mortar storefronts. Creative digital displays certainly improve curb appeal, potentially captivating a passerby with attention-grabbing branding or sales announcements, but they can do much more beyond that initial engagement. Many shoppers return to physical stores because of the unique customer experience in-person retail can offer.

Dynamic video walls with high-end video content increasingly set a store’s tone and ambiance, creating immersive–some might say transcendent–experiences. Beyond that, stores are evolving the retail experience by pairing dynamic digital displays with cutting-edge content management technology. This exciting trend lets customers interact with the store itself through smart fitting rooms, interactive videos, and real-time inventory management. It’s no wonder so many retail hubs include direct-view LEDs in their digital media strategy.

SNA Displays makes custom LED screens that drive an optimal return on investment, enhancing the retail experience, creating an atmosphere that inspires repeat visits, and converting passersby into paying customers.

Download the eBrief Evolving the In-store Retail Experience to learn more about how LED displays can produce a truly unique shopping experience.


Founded in 2014, TENFOLD® is a design firm that helps brands align their physical and virtual environments to their business strategy, connecting people to place in a meaningful way. TENFOLD® serves clients worldwide across corporate, retail, education, and healthcare markets. For more information on the design firm, visit tenfoldbrand.com. To learn more about the company’s innovative retail store, visit tenspacebrand.com.

About Digital Dreams

Digital Dreams is an audio-video integrator that specializes in installing direct-view LED, data cables, thermal detection, video conferencing rooms, security systems, and other technology systems. For more, visit digitaldreams.us.


Project Location

797 N Wall Street, Columbus, OH

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