Salesforce Tower San Francisco

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46.2 Million

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1.6 mm, 3 mm

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Salesforce Tower

SNA Displays manufactured and oversaw the installation of a mixture of BOLD™ Interior and BRILLIANT™ Interior display products in the Salesforce Tower San Francisco skyscraper. Salesforce, a cloud-based software company known for its customer relationship management services, made waves with its real-estate acquisitions. Salesforce’s hometown of San Francisco, for example, has three such properties.

Salesforce Tower San Francisco, formerly known as the Transbay Tower, is the second-tallest building west of the Mississippi River at 1,070 feet. A stylized version first appeared on film in the 2014 animated movie Big Hero 6 and later in 2018’s Venom. The building is located at 415 Mission Street, a few blocks from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Yerba Buena Gardens on one side and the San Francisco Bay / San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on the other. You can find several other SNA Displays projects nearby also: Okta San Francisco, 350 Mission Street, and Salesforce West.

Salesforce Tower San Francisco Display Summary
Location Pitch Product Size (h x w) Resolution
Lobby 3 mm BOLD™ Interior 13'3" x 118'6" Varies by section
Town Hall 1.6 mm BRILLIANT™ Interior 11'1" x 48'7" 2,025 x 8,880
Starbucks 3 mm BOLD™ Interior 8'10" x 11'4" 896 x 1,152
L45 Conference Room 1.6 mm BRILLIANT™ Interior 5'11" x 10'6" 1,080 x 1,920
Conference Rooms (x2) 1.6 mm BRILLIANT™ Interior 8'10" x 15'9" 1,620 x 2,880
Conference Rooms (x2) 1.6 mm BRILLIANT™ Interior 6'8" x 11'10" 1,215 x 2,160

First-Floor Retail Lobby

The first SNA Displays LED you’ll see when you enter the building is the approximately 120-foot-long lobby display. It is by far the building’s most complex and distinctive digital display, with a serpentine construction that winds through the lobby and over entryways. This BOLD™ Interior video display has a pixel pitch of 3 mm and contains 10.5 million pixels.

“The lobby video wall is probably the installation I’m most proud of,” said John Pisciotta, a senior project manager at SNA Displays. “This display is very impressive, and the many concave and convex radii made for a challenging installation that required precision work and attention to detail from our installation supervisors as well as our subcontractors.”

In addition to the collaboration with partners like Arrow Sign Company and RP Visuals, Pisciotta also noted close coordination with the project’s general contractor and the steel contractor, who were responsible for designing and building the steel structure that supports the screen.

“It was gratifying to see it all work out with a complicated line of scope demarcation between SNA Displays and the contractors,” he said. “Additionally, there was a race among all contractors to get the building ready for Dreamforce 2018 programming, which added to the excitement and pressure.”

SNA Displays also provided content management services for the lobby display and the Townhall display.


After taking a moment to appreciate the lobby display, you may decide to head over to Salesforce Tower's in-house coffee shop, where you’ll find some more SNA Displays digital signage. The café opens to an elevated park flanking the Salesforce Transit Center, which is directly adjacent to the building, and features an 11'4" x 8'10" (896 x 1,152 pixels) BOLD™ Interior display with a 3 mm pixel pitch and more than one million total pixels. With your coffee in hand, it’s time to head to the morning staff meeting.

Innovation and Transformation Center

In a stunning example of unified corporate identity, Salesforce Tower features several BRILLIANT™ Interior direct-view LEDs throughout six conference rooms, known collectively as the Innovation and Transformation Center (ITC). The ITC is an immersive environment that allows Salesforce team members to engage with customers to highlight the company's unique culture and products. Each display utilizes a 1.6 mm pixel pitch, with varying screen resolutions and dimensions, for a total of 5.8 million pixels.

One of these conference rooms is known as the “Townhall,” a term Salesforce uses for large event rooms where people gather, often for visual presentations. Every Salesforce building has a Townhall; for example, SNA Displays also installed the Townhall at Salesforce Tower New York. Compared to the lobby screen, the Townhall display in San Francisco was similarly complicated in that the entire display and its support structure are on a continuous radius that integrates beautifully with the architectural elements surrounding it, such as the ceiling soffit.

Three of the other conference room displays are in the executive briefing centers (EBCs) used by senior leadership. The rest are either used in general-purpose conference rooms or individual executive offices.


Project Location

415 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

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