Gagosian LED Cube: Denominator

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2.5 mm

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Gagosian LED Cube: Denominator

The contemporary art gallery Gagosian hosted an art exhibition by Urs Fischer titled Denominator at its West 24th Street location in New York.

Denominator is a 12-foot cube constructed from LED screens that display a sequence of fragments from international television commercials in a shifting composition that spans the history of the medium,” according to a Gagosian news release. “Through the use of AI algorithms, the commercials have been deconstructed into individual shots, which are then grouped by theme or color and displayed in layered patterns and choreographed sequences.”

The art installation is comprised of a five-sided LED cube built from SNA Displays’ BOLD™ Interior product series. The cube’s screens employ 2.5-milimeter pixel spacing and are mounted to a free-standing steel frame. The structure was custom-designed and precisely installed to minimize seams.

Each face, including the cube's top cap, is 11’10” square, and the digital art piece processes approximately 10.4 million pixels in total.

The approximately 10.4 million pixels of the LED cube receive their input from a Media Engine SE made by ~sedna in Berlin. The artist’s team chose the combination of Creator as a CMS and Player Platinum as the toolkit for the installation.

Player Platinum, in combination with the two 4Kp60 frame-locked outputs of the media server, provides a flawless, synchronized playout with pristine quality.

Other digital art exhibits featuring LED display technology built by SNA Displays include the As We Are LED head sculpture at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Refik Anadol’s digital art pieces at Salesforce East in San Francisco and the AT&T Discovery District in Dallas, and JR’s The Chronicles of San Francisco at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Digital Dreams provided installation services for the art piece.

For more information, visit SNA Displays’ news release about the Gagosian LED Cube.


Project Location

555 W 24th Street, New York, NY


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