Eastern New Mexico University

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Eastern New Mexico University

SNA Displays manufactured a digital art display at Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU). The unconventional LED display is mounted to a tall subframe that extends from floor to ceiling of an open-area courtyard within the Golden Student Success Center (GSSC).

SNA Displays worked with commercial AV integrator Ford AV, a member of SNA Displays’ preferred partner network, who procured and installed the displays.

SNA Displays supported the request from the design architect, Brandon Garrett of DPS Design.

“It was a unique design concept and we were excited to be able to deliver it," said Randy Bortles, who does business development for SNA Displays’ North American channel program. “The result was an abstract digital art solution that was both economical for the school and a striking visual for the student center.”

The project includes two separate LED displays, each in a staggered shape and mounted to the subframe. They are viewable to walk-up traffic on the ground floor and rise to the student center’s second floor and beyond.

Both displays are from SNA Displays' BOLD™ Interior product line and employ a 4.0 mm pixel pitch. In total, the displays cover 139 square feet of digital canvas with a total of 810,00 pixels.



Project Location

1500 South Avenue K, Portales, NM

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