Kennedy Entry Experience

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Total Pixels

6.1 Million

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Pixel Pitch

6.6 mm

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1,368 x 4,464

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Square feet


LED Screen Greets Guests at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The Kennedy Entry Experience is a 3,000-square-foot LED spectacular at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Cape Canaveral. Visitors are able to walk up to the massive ground-level display in the entrance area, which stands at 30 feet tall and 90 feet wide.

The entry experience is designed to stimulate interest in space exploration and tell the story of NASA: past, present, and future. Multimedia tech and design studio Blunt Action was hired to bring that story to life, creating a six-minute 3D animation.

The freestanding screen was built with EMPIRE™ Exterior LED display technology and employs a 6.6 mm pixel pitch. With a resolution of 1,368 x 4,464, the Kennedy Entry Experience contains more than 6.1 million pixels. Designed with a smooth, seamless curve with a tight five-foot radius, it’s optimally designed for anamorphic content, which can create astounding 3D illusions from a specific vantage point.

In addition to immersive themed content, the visitor complex will show live-input video of launches and other events as well as various event messaging.

Built for Robustness in Potentially Harsh Environment

In addition to being integrated into the visitor center's emergency system to alert park guests of inclement weather events, the display is built with a steel structure designed to withstand 150-mph winds. Additionally, it includes a lightning protection system providing overcurrent protection during storms.

SNA Displays is the exclusive sponsor of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Entry Experience. Eastern Sign Tech provided installation services while Ivey’s Construction provided general contracting services.

SNA Displays also provided 3.9 mm EMPIRE™ Exterior LED kiosks to welcome guests to the visitor complex.


Project Location

Cape Canaveral, FL

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