The Media Wall at AT&T Discovery District

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4,752 X 3,840

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AT&T Discovery District

The AT&T Discovery District is the global headquarters for the iconic brand. Set in the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas, the Discovery District is a place for the public and professionals to enjoy an immersive technology experience, understand the power of networks, engage with new entertainment properties and content, and celebrate the continued reinvention of AT&T as a telecommunications, media, and technology brand.

The District is a multi-sensory experience that has a fully integrated digital display and lighting system. When activated, it creates a “Bellagio-style” effect that combines sound, light, and stunning artistic content. Furthermore, the District was built with sustainability in mind, earning it a SITES Silver Certification.

SNA Displays supported the AT&T team during city planning meetings and helped with technical details during the permitting process. It also manufactured and installed all of the major digital display assets throughout the property.

Overall, The District offers collaborative opportunities with neighboring hotels, retailers, and the Dallas Convention Center, creating an entirely new landmark for the city and its people.

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The Media Wall at AT&T Discovery District

The impressive digital art canvas at The District is The Media Wall, an 8,700-square-foot exterior LED screen from SNA Displays’ EMPIRE Exterior line of outdoor display products. The LED spectacular wraps around the high-rise that houses the AT&T Experience Store at the corner of Akard and Jackson Streets. It is the highest-profile component of the multi-use development centered around AT&T’s global headquarters.

The 104' tall by 84' wide Media Wall is a focal point of The District and features a resolution sufficient for two 4K displays stacked on top of each other with room to spare for a digital marquee. It employs a 6.67 mm pixel pitch at a resolution of 4,752 pixels high by 3,840 pixels wide, giving it a total of 18.2 million pixels. It is one of the largest 6.67 mm pixel pitch displays in the United States.

One of The Media Wall’s identifying features is the tight radius used to wrap around the building’s corner. Rather than using 90-degree angles, the massive LED screen employs a 5'4" radius to allow content to flow around the northwest corner of the building without interruption. Thus, a complete image on the screen wraps in a seamless curve.

The Media Wall runs creative content from such digital art heavyweights as Moment Factory, Refik Anadol, and others that demonstrates the true potential for digital artistic expression. Furthermore, the entire display ties into a single central show control system that incorporates other media elements in The District, including other displays, audio, and lighting systems. This required close coordination with other media heads to provide a backdrop for reliable brand expression within The District.

SNA Displays worked with Gensler, a design and architect firm, to recommend a tight-radius display and ensure a smooth, seamless transition from end to end. SNA Displays also coordinated with YESCO and Barnett Signs to install the huge media wall and deliver a screen that “brings digital art and media to life in staggering detail.”

There were no pre-existing data/video communication devices, cables, or conduits running from established audio video electronic equipment rooms, so new video processors, switching gear, fiber, data and control cabling, and conduits were installed. As with many other large-scale displays, the big portrait subframe construction includes front access for serviceability.


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The Media Wall at AT&T Discovery District
Display Pitch Pixels Square Feet
The Media Wall 6.67 mm 18,247,680 8,730
AT&T Headquarters Lobby
Display Pitch Pixels Square Feet
LED Columns (8) 1.92 mm 53,149,824 2,116
Media Box 1.92 mm 20,150,208 802
AT&T Experience Store
Display Pitch Pixels Square Feet
Circular Column 1.92 mm 4,270,968 170
Flat Screen Video Walls (2) 1.92 mm 7,008,768 279
Project Totals
All Displays Pixels Square Feet
13 102,827,448 12,096

LED Spectaculars and Mega-Spectaculars

Large-format LED displays are commonly known as “spectaculars.” These digital displays take on many forms, varying in size and capability. But, as LED technology has improved and the costs have gone down, the desire for bigger and better digital displays has risen. When spectacular isn’t enough, SNA Displays offers the “mega-spectacular.” The size and scope of these behemoths truly go beyond the traditional spectacular display.

LED mega-spectaculars require sufficient capacity and experience to successfully manage the most complex and high-profile projects in the digital display industry. Having manufactured some of the industry’s largest and highest-resolution LED displays, SNA Displays knows how to get the job done on a massive scale.

Mega-spectacular LED displays are predominant in entertainment venues and areas with high levels of pedestrian traffic like Midtown Manhattan, the Las Vegas strip, and, more recently, downtown Los Angeles. Typically, mega-spectaculars are 8,000 square feet or larger.

EMPIRE Exterior Displays

All products from SNA Displays’ EMPIRE Exterior display series are built for outdoor applications. SNA Displays has one of the industry’s widest exterior offerings, including products ranging in pixel pitch from 3 mm to 25 mm. Applications ideal for EMPIRE Exterior LED display products include commercial and other out-of-home (OOH), corporate-branded building facades, outdoor and semi-outdoor entertainment venues, sports and live-event displays, LED spectaculars and mega-spectacular displays, billboards, destination locations, and much more.

EMPIRE Exterior display products are available in surface-mount device (SMD) pixel packaging as well as direct in-line packaging (DIP), also known as discrete. For tight-pitch outdoor needs, SNA Displays offers an industry-leading range of SMD outdoor display products, allowing for crisp, clear imagery and a widened viewing experience.

In addition to a range of pixel densities, display products from our EMPIRE Exterior line are available in assorted panel sizes, various cabinet types, custom corners, and other custom-engineered solutions to fit any application.

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Project Location

308 S Akard Street, Dallas, TX

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