Nationwide Arena

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21.2 Million

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1.2 mm–10 mm

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Some in-bowl signage not provided by SNA Displays.

Nationwide Arena's Digital Display Network

SNA Displays manufactured a massive LED video display network for the National Hockey League’s Columbus Blue Jackets for the multiphase renovation to Nationwide Arena led by general contractor Barton Malow Builders. The hockey rink anchors the Arena District, an entertainment destination venue that includes shops, restaurants, hotels, the Express Live! concert venue, and Huntington Park, home to the Triple-A Columbus Clippers. The arena’s design pairs a classic brick and stone veneer with high-tech LED boards, sweeping concourses, blue mood lighting, and modern amenities.


Nationwide Arena Display Summary
Display (Qty) Pixel Pitch Product Size Resolution
Locker Room Center Hung 1.2 mm BRILLIANT™ Interior 4'15" x 7'10" 1,080 x 1,920
Press Room 1.5 mm BRILLIANT™ Interior 5'11" x 10'6" 1,152 x 2,048
Hallway "Waterfall" 1.5 mm BRILLIANT™ Interior Varies Varies
West Entrance (2) 3.9 mm EMPIRE™ Exterior 2'6" x 27'11" 192 x 2,176
East Entrance (3) 3.9 mm EMPIRE™ Exterior 2'6" x 14'9" 192 x 1,152
West Endzone Ribbon (Stepped) 10 mm BOLD™ Interior 3'2" x 21' 96 x 640
Party Tower Lower Fan Zone (2) 10 mm BOLD™ Interior 5'6" x 19'11" 168 x 608
Lower Vomitories (19) 4 mm BOLD™ Interior Varies Varies
Upper Vomitories (18) 4 mm BOLD™ Interior Varies Varies
Player Tunnels (2) 4 mm BOLD™ Interior 2'4" x 4'9" 180 x 360
Zamboni Entrance 4 mm BOLD™ Interior 2'4" x 10' 180 x 765
Rooftop 10 mm EMPIRE™ Exterior 16'6" x 29'5" 504 x 896

In-Bowl Displays

Phase 1 of digital upgrades to the Nationwide Arena involved replacing more than four dozen static signs within the arena bowl with 1,300 square feet of BOLD™ Interior LED video display technology and adding new EMPIRE™ Exterior digital signage at the east and west entrances.

One key feature of the retrofit is the introduction of completely removable LED displays for the player tunnels. The digital screens are designed to be easily and frequently taken down during event transitions at the arena.

American Interstate Signcrafters provided installation services for the digital signage retrofit and new digital displays.

Locker Room

The locker room LED display, which was the first major part of Nationwide Arena's renovation plan, showcases SNA Displays’ BRILLIANT™ Interior line of display technology.

Described as a miniature version of the scoreboards seen overlooking many sporting venues, the center-hung video display system features four 1.25 mm convex LED screens. Each 4'5" x 7'10" screen has a high-definition resolution of 1,080 pixels high by 1,920 pixels wide, totaling approximately 8.3 million pixels.

The locker room is fully integrated with AV elements, allowing each display to be operated remotely and synchronized with the room’s advanced sound system.

SNA Displays worked with AV integrator SoundCom, which built the rack, ran low-voltage cabling, and installed the LED center-hung. The installation team coordinated closely on dimensions, weights, and specifications with the center-hung frame fabricator, Jones Signs. Owner-representative Anthony James Partners provided consultation services during each phase of the project, while Osborn Engineering designed and oversaw the development of the center-hung structure.

For more information, visit the Blue Jackets’ locker room news release.

Press Room and Hallway

SNA Displays provided two BRILLIANT™ Interior LED displays as part of the continued revamping of the Columbus Blue Jacket's locker-room facilities: a press room video wall and a hallway entrance display. The two LED screens will be used for media events before and after each home game.

The press room LED video wall is a 1.56 mm wall-mounted digital display that measures approximately 6' tall and 10'6" wide. It processes approximately 2.4 million pixels.

The “waterfall” entrance display is a triple-faced, custom-fabricated LED screen set into the corner of a hallway leading to the locker rooms. It stands just over 11 feet at its tallest section and 5'3" at its widest, processing approximately 5.3 million total pixels.

SoundCom installed both LED displays. This is also the first integration of ~sedna media playback technology into the arena.

Rooftop Display

SNA Displays supplied a 10 mm EMPIRE™ Exterior LED display that is mounted to the rooftop of a stadium parking garage. The 16'6" x 29'5" (504 x 896 pixels) digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising platform processes more than 450,000 pixels.

About Nationwide Arena

Nationwide Arena - home of the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets - is a multi-purpose entertainment facility. The flexible venue hosts concerts, family shows, ice shows, NCAA Championships, flat shows, and corporate meetings. Located on the corner of Nationwide Boulevard and Front Street in downtown Columbus, Nationwide Arena is the centerpiece of the downtown Arena District featuring an exciting mixture of restaurants, business, entertainment, and residential space that attracts visitors from across the country. To learn more or see the events calendar, go to


Project Location

200 W Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH

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