Lucas Oil Stadium

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21.4 Million

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3.91 mm–⁠10 mm

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Lucas Oil Stadium

SNA Displays is in the process of overhauling the LED signage at Lucas Oil Stadium, home to the National Football League's Indianapolis Colts.

The project includes replacing 50 digital display assets with LED video technology from SNA Displays' EMPIRE™ Exterior and BOLD™ Interior product lines. The pixel pitches for the new LED assets range from 3.91 mm to 10 mm, marking a significant technological upgrade from the previous LED displays. The main video screens, for example, employ a 10 mm pixel pitch, which is a 417% improvement of clarity compared with the previous 16 mm and 23 mm screens.

Highlights of the digital display refresh are two 53-foot-high by 97-foot-wide main video displays in the stadium's northwest and southeast corners and more than 2,300 linear feet of LED ribbon displays. SNA Displays will also provide dual-faced digital marquees on the exterior north and south ends of the stadium, scoring/timing equipment, and fiber infrastructure.

In total, the new Lucas Oil Stadium LED display network will feature almost 20,000 square feet of LED signage and process 21.4 million pixels.

Lucas Oil Stadium Display Summary
Display Location Pixel Pitch Size Resolution
Main Board (Northwest end) 10 mm 52'10" x 96'7" 1,608 x 2,944
Main Board (Southeast end) 10 mm 52'10" x 96'7" 1,608 x 2,944
Tier 1 Ribbon 10 mm 3'2" x 1,873' 96 x 57,120
Tier 2 Ribbon 10 mm 4'8" x 466' 144 x 14,208
North Marquee (double sided) 3.91 mm 9'11" x 19'10" 768 x 1,536
South Marquee (double sided) 6.67 mm 13'11" x 22'11" 648 x 1,056
Street Level Club Tickers (x4) 6 mm 9" x 41'4" 40 x 2,100
Loge Level Club Tickers (x4) 6 mm 9" x 25'4" 40 x 1,290
Ticket Windows (x28) 6 mm 5" x 2'5" 30 x120
Auxiliary Ticket Windows (x6) 6 mm 5" x 2'5" 30 x120


Project Location

500 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN

Completion of Lucas Oil Stadium's new LED display technology is expected in the summer of 2022. For more details, visit the Lucas Oil Stadium announcement.

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