FAMU AL Lawson Center

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6 mm

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Florida A&M Al Lawson Center LED Centerhung

SNA Displays upgraded Florida A&M University’s Alfred Lawson Jr. Multipurpose Center to an LED video centerhung system in collaboration with owner's representative and technology consultant Anthony James Partners (AJP). The Al Lawson Center, home to the FAMU Rattlers basketball and volleyball programs, is a 135,000-square-foot multipurpose facility that seats just over 9,600 people.

FAMU AL Lawson Center Display Summary

Centerhung Lower Ring 6 mm BOLD™ Interior 2'4" x 53'6” 120 x 2,720
Centerhung Primary Screen (4) 6 mm BOLD™ Interior 8'8" x 12'7” 440 x 640
Courtside Table (2) 6 mm BOLD™ Interior 2'4" x 20'6" 120 x 1,040
SNA Displays replaced the arena’s previous digit-only centerhung system with 6 mm BOLD™ Interior video display technology. The enhanced centerhung consists of four LED video screens and a 360-degree LED ring, providing high-resolution video throughout the Lawson Center.

Each of the centerhung’s four main LED displays is 8'8" x 12'7" (440 x 640 pixels), while the lower ring is 2'4" x 53'6" (120 x 2,720 pixels). SNA Displays hired Eastern Sign Tech to fabricate and install channel letters for each side of the centerhung, Rattlers logos, snake-skin cladding, shot clocks, and other scoring and timing upgrades.

In addition, SNA Displays provided a pair of 2'4" x 20'6" (120 x 1,040 pixels) LED courtside tables. See the news release for FAMU’s Al Lawson Center upgrades. 


Project Location

1800 Wahnish Way, Tallahassee, FL 

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