How Digital Signage Is Transforming Outdoor Advertising

Advertising was born outside. Going back hundreds of years, signage has been used to attract business. With the invention of the automobile came the roadside billboard, directing travelers to eat, shop and stay. The printed billboard has been a mainstay ever since.

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Beyond billboards, you’ll find advertising on buildings, at outside venues and in all kinds of outdoor spaces. With emerging technologies and the availability of LED exterior signage, outdoor advertising has a new look. LED technology is influencing traditional advertising with great success.

Market Growth Signals Influence

One indication that digital signage is driving outdoor advertising is its market growth. A 2015 business report on the industry from Global Industry Analysts projects the digital signage market will reach $50.7 billion by 2020. This expected growth is attributed to many factors, including less expensive, high-quality LED displays. Video-wall systems for exterior buildings offer brands a way to grab the attention of those passing by, especially in high-traffic locations like large metro areas.

Outdoor Digital Signage Encourage Recall

Screen size can impact sensory perception and cover more of a viewer’s visual field. Bright, vivid colors can spark consumer curiosity. Moving content can grab and hold attention. Changeable content can allow advertisers to tell a little bit more of their story.

All of these factors work to influence viewers, and the research proves it. In a Nielsen Study, 75 percent of those responding recalled seeing a digital billboard in the past month. Furthermore, 55 percent of those travelers even recalled the message. Curious if the study asks if respondents recall seeing non digital billboards…. My guess would be yes!

Digital Displays Offer More Possibilities

Digital signage offers so many more options and possibilities over static signage. This flexibility continues to disrupt the outdoor advertising market. Now, huge companies launch campaigns in high-impact areas and large markets like Times Square and even livestream, all because they have the power to change content whenever they want. Signs no longer stand still. They have movement, allowing advertisers to create engaging, interesting stories.

Another benefit of the flexibility provided by digital advertising is the ability to play content that is dependent on the time of day. LED billboards might focus on content that aligns with a commuter’s day—even if it’s as simple as promoting breakfast items in the morning and dinner ones at night. Other ideas include focusing on professional content, like making a dentist appointment or getting an oil change on the way to work. Evening messaging after the long workday could include fun topics like upcoming concerts or a weekend away.

Stay Relevant in Outdoor Advertising with SNA Displays

SNA Displays delivers video display systems that grab attention with crisp, high-contrast video. You can change content quickly and easily. Offering a variety of sizes, resolutions and angles, SNA Displays has the right outdoor display for you. Learn more about our capabilities and how we can get you the attention you need with outdoor signage.

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