Auburn University Student Center

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Total Pixels

2 Million

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Pixel Pitch

2.5 mm

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1,080 x 1,920

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Square feet


Auburn University Student Center LED Video Upgrade

SNA Displays manufactured a 2.5 mm BOLD™ Interior LED screen for Auburn University as part of a digital upgrade to the school’s Harold D. Melton Student Center. The project was led by Electrical Technicians, Inc (ETI).

The student center provides study areas, student lounges, gaming spaces, meeting rooms, and a ballroom, where the new direct-view LED is located. The digital display is elevated and custom-mounted into the wall and support pillar at the back of the third-floor ballroom. The LED screen is 8'10" x 15’9" with a high-definition resolution of 1,080 x 1,920 pixels, meaning the display system processes more than 2 million total pixels.

To learn more, visit the news announcement for the Auburn University student center.


Project Location

255 Heisman Drive, Auburn, AL

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